7 ways you can play a role in helping the environment

The earth is our home, and the environment is a protective layer. That keeps us safe from things that can severely damage all living beings. However, our actions towards the environment recently don’t seem to do any good. From carbon emissions to deforestation, there is no harmony between us and nature. If you want to get more information about carbon action, climate change and global warming, you can visit the website such as Carbon Click.

It doesn’t mean that we cannot change it. All we need to do is change the way we consume certain things. Or switch to better practices, and the environment will start thriving.

Every human can use their voice to make the environment better and safe. The Laurus project is an example of using your voice & willpower to bring about changes. Laurus project is partnering with Lisa Blair. They are supporting her journey to cross the Southern Ocean. Along with Laurus projects, Lisa is trying to make a world record while inspiring youth to step up to safeguard the environment.

Here are a few things you can do for our environment.

  1. Reduce the use of paper and recycle them

Paper comes from a tree, and we know the outcome of fewer trees in the world. It will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide, which is not an ideal situation. Thus, start reducing the amount of paper you use. Want to make a list? Use your phone instead of writing it on paper, which is anyway going into the trash.

Similarly, switch to other things, like digital signatures or digital business cards. Or e-tickets, reports, and more.

On a similar note, recycle paper. We all have many textbooks lying around. Why not give them to your juniors or donate them to the library? The same goes for novels. If you aren’t going to re-read them, pass it on.

  • Never forget to unplug the appliances

How often do we forget to switch off an appliance? Sometimes. How often do you forget to unplug appliances? More! Right? Yes, switching appliances off is not the only step towards decreasing our energy footprint.

Unplug the appliances because even if you switch them off, plugged appliances can draw power. Thus, unplug them to save energy and do your bit towards the environment.

  • Be part of an NGO or start an initiative of your own

Look around your city, and you will find several NGOs or youth-led initiatives working tirelessly to restore the environment. It can be anything, from planting more trees to beach-clean-up and more. You can volunteer with them and help the environment. You can also sponsor a clean-up or an event to inspire youth to take action, like the Laurus project.

Another thing you can do is start an initiative of your own. Use social media to circulate your message, and you will undoubtedly see positive reactions.

  • Make your garden chemical-free

Start making your garden chemical-free. Instead of using herbicides or pesticides, start using compost or natural manure. When you use pesticides or chemicals, it kills garden moths and spiders. These help to keep the pest away from your garden. These chemicals are also the reasons butterflies are dying.

  • Decrease your consumption

Recycling and reusing things are great. But you also need to start focusing on the other ‘R’- refuse. There are so many things that we do not need, which doesn’t improve our life or help us. Yet, we buy them because of peer pressure or other circumstances. But consuming more items leads to environmental problems and money issues for you. Thus, start saying no to things you do not need.

  • Be up-to-date

If you want to use your voice for climate change, you need to have the facts. You cannot have difficult conversations with people if you don’t fully know the facts. Thus, keep yourself informed about climate change, wildlife, the ocean, and more if you want to bring real change.

  • Be responsible about traveling

Using vehicles too much increases pollution and your carbon footprint. Be more responsible and cycle or walk to places you can. If you are planning a vacation nearby, use public transport instead of a private one.

All these things are doable. Right? We need to have the willpower to make the changes and stick to them.