8 best countries to study languages

Learning a new language is an enriching challenge. But if you learn it by going to a country where they speak it, it becomes an experience you will never forget. Here we will tell you which are the 8 best countries to study languages.

There are many reasons to study a language abroad. If you want to grow professionally or travel, it will help you to know one of the most spoken languages in the world. But there are people who, for family or personal reasons, want to study a dialect that is only spoken in a specific region.

It doesn’t matter which side of the gap you’re on. We challenge you to accompany us on a tour of these 8 countries and do not feel tempted to live abroad for a while. You will get it?

1. Canada

It is logical that Canada leads a list of the best countries to learn languages. It is a country that does not have an official language… it has two! We refer to English and French. Therefore, Canada is an ideal country to study either of these two languages.

Furthermore, Canada has one of the most diverse societies in the world and that is part of its identity as a country. In 1971, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared Canada a multicultural country, both for humanitarian reasons and to populate his huge country.

2. France

There are many countries where French is spoken, such as Canada. But if you want to go to the source, France is your next study destination. The first city that will come to mind is Paris. It’s obviously an amazing city, but it’s far from the only option and there are many cities in France where you can learn French.

France is a large country, with strong regional accents. In that sense, the south of France has the most “accessible” accent for Spanish speakers. Therefore, for a beginner, in addition to starting to practice the language with one of these books, it may be worth choosing a destination like Montpellier.

3. New Zealand

It’s hard to describe New Zealand, because everything is so perfect. It is one of the 10 countries with the highest quality of life and its territory includes two islands in the Pacific Ocean, which have a variety of incredible landscapes. Nothing can go wrong!

Regarding languages, New Zealand is one of the most chosen countries to study English. In addition, you have the possibility to study and work in New Zealand, something that not all countries allow.

4. Belgium

Belgium is a melting pot of cultures. Belgians have three official languages: Dutch, the most widely spoken; French, which is next in popularity; and German, which is only spoken by a small minority. So you have to choose.

It is one of the countries with the highest quality of life and is characterized by its political and economic stability. Despite having been the scene of many wars, one of its greatest attractions are its medieval cities, such as Bruges and Ghent.

5. Australia

Australia is an ideal country for lovers of the beach and outdoor activities. Unlike Belgium, you won’t find picturesque medieval towns there. Instead, Australia has modern cities, surrounded by stunning natural environments.

If you analyze this list of 40 places that must be seen in Australia, you will see that almost all of them have to do with their landscapes and unique fauna in the world. If you add to this that education in Australia is one of the best on the planet, it is understandable why it is such a chosen destination to study English.

6. Germany

Eine andere Sprache zu können, ist wie eine zweite Seele zu besitzen. What does that mean, right? For a Spanish speaker, German is a strange and indecipherable language. Almost alien. Therefore, learning it in Germany is a great help.

Germany is a fascinating country, with strong traditions. It is also a huge country, so you will have a lot to cover. From idyllic towns dotted with castles on the Austrian border, to mega-cities with super-heavy stories like Berlin.

7. Spain

Spain is a veritable display of languages. In six autonomous communities of Spain, Spanish coexists like other co-official languages: with Catalan (in Catalonia), Galician (Galicia) and Euskera (Basque Country), to mention just a few examples.

Among all the destinations in Spain and not counting Madrid, its capital, Barcelona

Among all the destinations in Spain and not counting Madrid, its capital, Barcelona is the city most chosen by international students. Spain has an excellent education, a young environment, the best climate and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean.


In the last place of the countries to study languages, we have chosen China. It is one of those countries that you have to visit at least once in your life. And if you take advantage of the situation to learn some Chinese, much better.

China’s influence in the world is only growing. On an economic level, it is one of the greatest world powers. And culturally they have reached all latitudes. Will Chinese be the next English? No one knows, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared.

Now yes, we have reached the end of our top of the best countries to study languages. We hope it has inspired you to embark on a new adventure and is useful when choosing your next destination.

Before you go, in case you were wondering, the phrase in German is from Charlemagne and means: “Being able to speak another language is like having a second soul.” Do you dare to study a language in another country and live the experience of your life? We read you!

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