8 Best Walking Tours in India You Must Not Miss!

Most avid travelers will agree that walking tours in India are the best way to see this remarkable country. Explore India on foot if you really wish to see the raw, natural side of the country. Walking through India’s vibrant albeit slightly congested busy streets is an experience definitely worth having. Even the spectacular rural beauty of this stunning land is best explored on foot. Whatever your interest – be it historical, religious, cultural, or gastronomical – there are all types of walking tours in India to suit your needs and preferences. So whenever you next plan to visit this remarkable place, check out some of the best walking tours in India you can take.

Popular Walking Tours in India:

When you explore India by foot, you will be able to access places that vehicles cannot. So look for the best walking tour companies in India that will give you this incredible opportunity to explore India on foot. You will be surprised to know that there are free tours in India as well. So research well before the trip and enjoy some of the best walking tours in India. Check out our list of the top few ones below.

  1. Old Delhi Walking Tour

This is one of the best ever walking tours in India for history enthusiasts to enjoy. While you will see modern infrastructure and a quick-paced lifestyle in New Delhi, you will find Old Delhi in stark contrast to New Delhi. Old Delhi will charm you with Mughal-era architecture, old alleyways, heritage landmarks, and the aroma of delicious local food preparations drifting in the air. To say that it will be akin to being transported back in time will be an understatement. Some of the top heritage tourist places in Delhi can be found right here. You should go on this tour even if you’re arriving in Delhi on last minute flights owing to work-related purposes.

  1. Varanasi Walking Tour

One of the oldest living cities in not just India but the world, Varanasi is an absolute treat to visit. The Varanasi Walking Tour is tailor-made for travelers who come to India seeking some sort of spiritual enlightenment. Not only will they get to witness important rituals at ancient temples and river banks, but they will also be able to learn about centuries-old Indian traditions. Some of the most iconic and important temples you can explore here include the KashiVishwanath, Bharat Mata Mandir, and SankatMochan Hanuman Mandir among others.

  1. Goa Walking Tour

Plenty of us have been to Goa, frolicked at its beaches, tried its seafood, and shopped at its pocket-friendly street markets. But most of us don’t realize that these are just a few things that add to glamorous Goa. We skip touring old Goa either because we are short on time or we simply dub it too boring to explore. Old Goa is among the best walking tours in India you can take. You will have the chance to enjoy looking at Portuguese-influenced architecture, ancient churches, vibrant streets, popular museums, and colorful gardens among other things.

  1. Mysore Heritage Walking Tour

For history and heritage lovers, this is among the best walking tours in India to take when arriving for a trip on economy or business class flights. Historically rich, Mysore is brimming with offbeat traditions and a unique culture that dates back to centuries ago. When walking through India’s spectacular heritage town of Mysore, you will come across a market that’s about a century old, see the famous Mysore silk saris, taste the delicious local food, and mingle with local artisans. You will also get to see some important heritage sites such as Crawford Hall, Jaganmohan Palace, Amba Vilas Palace, and Devaraja Market among others.

  1. Hyderabad Rock Walk

Avid trekkers and nature lovers will be absolutely thrilled to go on a Rock Walk in Hyderabad. The city is home to fabulous monolith rock formations some of which are estimated to be older than the Himalayas. Many of these have, sadly, paved way for malls and other skyscrapers today. Tours of the remaining ones are conducted by Save the Rocks Foundation. Among the best walking tours in India, it will teach you about the geological aspect of the rock formations and the legends behind them. Expect your tour guide to throw in names such as Mushroom, Obelisk, and Hamburger among others. You will also discover hidden lakes and be able to witness the unique flora and fauna of the region.

  1. Pondicherry Walking Tour

The French Colony of India, Pondicherry is incredible to visit. Walk through the town and look at splendid buildings replete with opulent windows made on the lines of French-inspired architecture. Stroll through French and Tamil colonies in this post-colonial colorful town. Witness the blend of these cultures in not just the architecture but also in local cuisine and customs. Explore the intriguing exhibits at Pondicherry museum and visit iconic heritage structures such as Aayi Mandapam. Stop at Le Café and grab a plateful of delicious local food for lunch.

  1. Matunga Market Food Walk, Mumbai

This is among the top walking tours in India for foodies to take. Located in central Mumbai, Matunga is famously home to a vibrant and diverse culture that bears witness to the various communities that reside here. Take a food walk through the prime food markets of the region and take a peek into popular dishes of the three major communities that live here – Gujaratis, Tamil Brahmins, and Jains. All three communities are vegetarian and you can expect to taste some of the best vegetarian food ever. The tour will start at the Kannika Parmeshwar Temple and then head over to the market area. Here, you will be offered an insight into the importance and use of local fruits, spices, vegetables in daily cuisine.

  1. Mylapore Walk, Chennai

Among the oldest areas of Chennai and its prime cultural hub, Mylapore offers endless attractions to explore. For travelers booking cheap flights at India Eagle for a trip to the south of the country, this is among the best walking tours in India to enjoy. Mylapore has managed to retain its charm, customs, and tradition during and after the Portuguese and British reign. The Mylapore walk will take you to the Kapaleeshwar Temple estimated to be around 300 years old. It is the focal point around which the entire city is built. Besides studying its fascinating architecture you can explore the surrounding area. There are a bevy of small shops selling traditional items and a few food stalls among other things. The tour will end with a coffee and snacks at Saravana Bhavan.