8 Factors to Consider When Buying Drones Online

Planning on getting a drone? You could use it to film amazing footage, after all. They’re versatile for weddings, making video ads, for fun, and more.

However, with the way things are now, have you considered buying drones online?

There’s the convenience of not having to leave your house. You don’t have to deal with long lines either. But how will you get the right drone and for a decent price when you can’t touch and inspect them?

We’ve got the answers you seek right here. Read our shopping guide below to make sure you get the best drones online:

Features and Technology

Start by checking for the latest drone technology. Modern drones feature First-Person View, live video transmission, GPS for drone directing, and more. Of course, having more modern features will increase the price of the drone you buy.

The motor is going to be a major factor to consider. Smaller drones use brushed motors while bigger ones utilize the better, faster, and more capable brushless motors. You’ll want a drone that can keep up with the heavy use and wear-and-tear it’ll go through with constant use.

Trusted Online Drone Stores

There are a lot of stores and tons of popular drone manufacturers to consider. Narrow your choices down by shopping in trusted online drone stores, like DrDrone.

Why a known and trusted store? For one thing, you can expect more customers to shop there. This means you’ll have more reviews to check for reference.

Trusted sites often have better customer service. They want to keep the customers they have so you can bet they’ll have decent prices, return and refund policies, and shipping options.

Start Comparing Drone Prices

Found a drone you like and for a price within your budget? Don’t buy it yet. Take a moment to price compare.

Go back to the other trusted shops you keep on your list. Look for the same drone in those stores and check if you can get the drone at a cheaper price.

What do you do if it’s cheaper somewhere else but you want to buy it at the shop you’re in? Call customer service and ask if they price-match. This is when a store will lower its price to match the price offered by competitors.

Types of Drones

Don’t buy the first cool drone you find online. Keep in mind there are different types of drones. You’ll find fixed-wing drones, multi-rotor, single-rotor, and hybrid ones too.

Multi-rotor drones are the most common and the cheapest. These are the ones you can buy solely for taking pictures and videos. However, their small size and maneuverability also limit them due to their small carrying capacity and short flight.

A fixed-wing drone is fast and more powerful. These are the types of drones for professional use, such as mapping a location. The major downside is that they’re expensive and they require a lot of space for take-off.

Single-rotor drones are the most expensive and they require training to use. Hybrid drones are still in active development but you may find one in the market soon.

Read Reviews When Buying Drones Online

Did you know most people trust an online review as much as they would word-of-mouth from a friend or relative?

This comes from the fact that you can’t simply spam a review. Most online stores require customers to buy a product before they can leave a review, decreasing the chances of someone writing a fake review. But go one step further — look for reviews with pictures and videos so you can see the drone in action.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Are you looking at one of the latest drones in the market? It might have everything you need but make sure you can maintain it too. Do a bit of research to learn how difficult it might be to find spare parts in case it breaks during a crash.

Does the drone break easily and if it does, how easy is it to get it repaired or to replace the parts? Do the parts come locally or do you need to order them from abroad? Look back at the reviews for answers.

Image Quality

While drones can do a lot, most people purchase them to take pictures and videos for work or recreative purposes. That said, not all drones have the same capabilities. You’ll want to invest in a drone that does two things right: maneuverability in flight and can take great images.

Even the smallest drones can come with great cameras. You’ll want something that can take 4K resolution videos at 30 fps or at least 1080p videos. Some of the cheaper drones don’t come with a camera at all but they allow you to insert your phone and use its camera instead.

Flight Time

Flight time should be your next priority. The longer a drone can stay in the air, the more footage you can get. Mileage can vary from drone to drone.

You could find a small drone with a 5-10 minute flight time while some of the more expensive ones could last up to 30 minutes. These will give you more opportunities to film continuously but they require practice.

Before you settle for a drone with a decent flight time, check the battery life too. Some drones can fly for a long while but they require fuel or hours to charge.

Buy the Best Drone Online Today

Buying drones online is a safe and convenient option but you always risk getting scammed. Follow these tips to make sure you get the right one and for the right price. Read reviews, shop in trusted shops, check the specs of each drone, and price match.

But why stop with these drone tips and tricks?

You still need to learn how to fly it, how to take amazing footage, and how to keep it in good shape. We can offer you even more guides to help you get the most out of your drone. Don’t hesitate to read our other drone guides and posts right here!