8 Home Workout Routines to Build Muscle Without Equipment

We all know that due to COVID 19, most of the gyms are closed. People try to build their bodies at home, but somehow it doesn’t feel right because results don’t come easy. A home workout plan without equipment proves to be so ineffective that people are getting skeptical whether at-home workouts and bodyweight exercises are good or just a fuss with no gains. To address this issue, we have prepared a collection of 8 extremely effective exercises that will enhance your workouts and change your perception entirely about home workout routines without equipment.  But just be cautious as you are doing this at home without any trainer or supervision. Chances could be you end up hurting yourself sometimes while doing the homework out so keep some workout recovery tools alongside you. To avoid any possible damage to your muscles and for a faster and speedy recovery post-workout, tools like Exogun DreamPro are effective and deliver exceptional results. 

1. Bear Dogs

The first exercise in our home workout routine is the Bear Dogs. Bear Dogs is a fantastic exercise because it works the whole body. The best thing about this exercise is that it puts pressure on the core of the body to achieve anti-rotational stability which protects the spine. To perform this exercise, all you need to do is take a bear stance which means to sit on all your fours. Keep your knees a little above the ground. In this position, all your body weight should be on your toes and hands. Now raise one arm straight and one leg straight, simultaneously. Next, do the same with the other arm and other leg. Keep it slow and control your movements. Don’t jerk. Do as many repetitions as you can.

2. Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge from Deficit. Now this one is a killer. It targets the glutes and quads.To perform this muscle-wrecking exercise, you need to stand on a platform while holding Relifesports dumbbells in both hands. Now make a reverse lunge with one foot. Your weight should be on the foot that is on the platform. When you have smoothly descended into a lunge position, come back up while pushing from the foot on the platform. Change feet after every rep and try to do this in a more controlled and steady way. Perform at least 20 reps with sufficient weights.

3. Back Plank

A back plank is precisely how it sounds. You will be doing a plank on your back. If you are among the few chosen ones who can do planks effortlessly, then this exercise is a level upgrade for you. And for those who consider planks devastating, this one is your nightmare. A back plank is not complex. All you need to do is lay down on your back between two benches or chairs. Keep a shoulder-length gap between the benches. Now, lift yourself up by putting your elbows and triceps on the bench and pushing from them. Your position should be as if you are doing a bench press. Keep your body still for 30 seconds.

4. Archer Pushup

Archer push-ups are ordinary push-ups, except there is nothing ordinary about them. It levels up the push-up game to the sky. The archer push-ups start with you in a position to perform a regular push up except you will bend your one hand and go all the way down to that hand’s side. Your chest will be close to this hand while your other hand will be straight. Now you will push with this hand, and instead of going up straight, you will go up and then on to the other hand keeping this one straight. When you are down, your hands will portray an archer’s stance when he or she is pulling the arrow from the bow.

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5. Banded Leg Extensions

For this one, you need to take a bear stance with knees hovering on the ground. Take a resistance band and make a loop around your knees with their ends on the ground. Now you need to bend your knees with the band’s support and then push back up, resisting the pull of the band. Keep your hands on the ground. Use your quads and abs to resist the pressure of the band.

6. Banded L-Sit

With this one, you will have a core of steel. Banded L-Sit is a tiring but worth-it exercise. To perform this, you need to loop a band around your back, one end wrapped around one foot while the other on the other foot. Sit on the ground in an L shape with your legs straight, resisting the band. Now while keeping the legs up, lift your body with your arms and hold that position. Your body should hover a few inches above the ground. Stay in that position for 30 seconds and feel the core burning.

7. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

You might have heard about hamstring curls, but this one is the boss of all curls. Lie on the floor, keep your face up, have a Swiss ball placed under your heels. Now you need to keep your hands on the floor while taking their support. Lift your hips up and off the ground. Let the ball reach your glutes, and when you think that the ball has traveled enough, slowly lower down your hips and let the ball go back to its initial place. You can bend your knees for this. Don’t worry, we won’t go hard on you.

8. Prone Weight Transfer

Lastly, we have a Prone weight transfer. This one is not child’s play. You need to have serious guts to perform this one and not feel exhausted. To do this properly, lay down on the floor with your face down. Hold anything that weighs around 5 pounds. Use your core and glutes to lift your limbs up and above the ground. Now transfer that weight you are carrying from one hand to the other hand over your head. Perform three sets of 8 to 10 reps. Thank us later.