8 Self-Care Tips To Beat The Seasonal Blues

With the weather getting colder and nights getting longer, many of us are feeling down due to the gloomy weather. Seasonal blues are common and can sometimes make you feel depressed. We have put together some self-care tips to help you fight those blues and enjoy the winters with a happy heart. 

  1. Make a Schedule

We know that this may seem counterproductive to some, thinking they aren’t in a state of mind to maintain a schedule, but that is how you get yourself out of the rut you’ve found yourself in. Create a plan, and don’t make it a tight one—schedule small things like waking up and having breakfast. We often forget to make time for our basic needs like eating, leading us to feel unproductive and tired.

A widespread reason for feeling unproductive is basing your worth on the work you do for your job and not giving yourself credit for surviving and working on yourself. People tend to ignore their needs when they plan their day, giving in to the hustle mindset, which does not allow them any time to relax, leading to worsening mental health and less productivity.

  1. Get a Manicure

Although a material thing, pampering yourself with a manicure helps a lot to uplift your mood. You can opt for normal nail polish or go for breathable nail polish to give your nails a break from gel polish or acrylics. Selfcare also extends to tending to your physical body, and getting a manicure is a part of it. Many people have been opting for halal nail polish nowadays, as it is made of all plant-based ingredients.

You may be wondering what is halal nail polish; it is a plant-based nail polish that is water permeable that allows people to form ablution while wearing it.

  1. Pursue a Hobby

An aspect of our lives we lose as we grow up is doing things because we enjoy doing them. We start measuring the value of things and events on a monetary basis. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and assess your life and look at what truly makes you happy.

One should always have a hobby one can rely on to uplift their mood. It may be the most random thing like organizing or reading, but if it helps you feel calm and fulfilled, make time for it in your schedule, to make your daily life a happier and more fulfilling one.

  1. Practice Saying No

The main reason for stress is having too much on your plate. To counter that, you need to learn to say no if you have tasks that will clash. A to-do list comes in handy in such situations as it helps you recognize you don’t have any time on your plate to take on new tasks.

Scheduling time for self-care in your to-do list is, therefore, key, as you will otherwise use that time to perform other tasks that can be done at another time. Prioritizing yourself and giving value to your time not only saves you from stress but leads to a better and more stable life in the long run. It enables you to make better decisions for yourself

  1. Meditate

Meditation is the oldest tried and tested method of centering yourself and dealing with your emotions. Meditating or praying daily for 10 minutes has a very positive effect on your mind and heart. You feel more centered after meditating. It gives you time to just be by yourself and accept your emotions.

Our daily lives can get pretty chaotic, and often get overwhelming due to how fast-paced lives have gotten, so giving yourself some time to get your thoughts together helps you evaluate things with a better perspective and enables you to succeed in life.

  1. Take a Walk

Taking a walk is not only an easy way to get your daily exercise in, going on walks helps you relax and releases endorphins. The sight of nature is very soothing to the soul, so we suggest you get on some early walks to catch those early rays of sunshine during these chilly mornings.

Changing weather is a perfect time to go for a walk. Seeing all those leaves falling, symbolizing rebirth, gives one hope that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and there is always a solution to your problem, which may seem endless or unsolvable to you right now.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Giving enough rest to the body is essential for your body. It helps you acknowledge that you are only able to do work and perform basic tasks because your body can do it. This is why you should value your strength and make use of the fact that you are non-disabled by getting some rest.

Enough sleep is vital for better brain function. The amount of sleep a person needs is different for everyone. While some may get enough rest in 6 hours of sleep, others might need 8 to 10 hours daily to feel rejuvenated to get back to work every morning. 

This reliable dentist in Vienna VA also adds that continuous insufficient sleep can cause periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and bleeding gums.

If you have trouble settling down at night and making your brain slow down, you should consider adding a white noise machine, a sleep mask, and maybe even a weighted blanket to your sleep routine.

  1. Take a Time-Out from Social Media

Social media can sometimes get overwhelming. You might find people comparing their lifestyle to others and deeming themselves worthless. Or, if you tune in to the news, you might feel disoriented due to the overflow of information you feel on news platforms.

To avoid all this, a social media cleanse is necessary from time to time. You can take some time off of social media daily or do a social media cleanse where you don’t use any social media for a couple of days from time to time. This helps bring a person back to reality and helps them realize what is important in life.

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From halal nail polish manicures to social media time-out, you have a diverse list of self-care tips to beat the seasonal blues. Try these tips to stay productive and elevate your energy levels. Self-care is the foundation for all your progress, so make it count!