8 Steps to Create the Best Design T-Shirts

Recently, the trend of the custom printed t-shirt is on the rise. There are various reasons for the rising demand for custom printed t-shirts. Marketers want custom printed t-shirt for increasing their brand value, some people want to represent their unique style, and team members want these shirts to represent team unity.

Nowadays, all over print shirts are in vogue! Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various steps that will help you to design beautiful custom printed t-shirt:

  1. Determine Why You Want Printed T-Shirt

Different people have different aims and objectives to print their t-shirt. When you want to design your t-shirt, then it is important to determine your aim. It is important to have a clear understanding of why you want to have a printed t-shirt so that you can print perfect designs. Some of the reasons for designing custom printed t-shirts are as follow:

  • Brand Values

New start-up companies want to spread brand awareness, and there could be nothing better and cost-efficient than using custom t shirt printing online. You can also invest in a quality garment printer to print your shirts yourself.

  • Promotion

Want to promote your brand, then giveaway custom printed t-shirt with your brand logo. The custom printed t-shirt will help in marketing and promoting your business.

  • Internal Unity

A business team member is wearing a custom printed t-shirt with a brand logo printed on the top show unity and teamwork. These shirts will unite the team and increase productivity.

  1. Choose The Right Printing Technique

The printing technology is one of the important things to consider while custom printing a t-shirt. If you choose unprofessional designers, they might not be able to help you in choosing the right printing technique.

There are different printing methods that can be implemented for custom printed t-shirts. You should determine the pros and cons of different techniques before choosing anyone.

  1. Pick T-Shirt Style

If you want a custom printed t-shirt for yourself, then you can choose any style of the t-shirt as per your taste. There are different styles of the t-shirt with different necklines and different sleeve length. If you want to choose the t-shirt for business or marketing purposes, then you should choose that shirt that is a trend. If you choose a full-sleeve length t-shirt, then you can print on sleeves.

  1. Choose Good Quality Fabric

When it comes to printing, then not all kinds of fabric produce good printing results. Therefore, it is recommended to wisely choose the fabric. The fabric is just like canvases for artists.

A bad canvas can lead to bad painting design. Therefore, you should choose a good quality material that it can produce desired printing results. It is important to pay special attention to the fabric quality.

  1. Choose A Good Color Scheme

Did you know that colors can communicate the personality of a person, business, team, or group? Therefore, you should wisely choose the color scheme for your prints. The different hues, shades, and tints are associated with different emotions.

So, what kind of emotions you want to trigger the viewers? The different color scheme conveys different messages. Moreover, color choice can make or break the visual appeal of a t-shirt.

  1. Choose Right Location For Print

Where do you want to print your design? The location of print plays a vital role; therefore, you should wisely choose it. If you want to spread brand awareness via the custom printed t-shirt, then it is recommended to print your design in the center of the t-shirt. You can also use the backside of the t-shirt to print your brand logo and slogan.

Make sure that text should be clearly visible to other people. If your message is not clearly visible to other people, then this custom printed t-shirt is not feasible for your brand marketing purpose.

If you want to print your shirt for representing your style, then you can choose any location for print as per your taste. You can also choose all over print design rather than picking any particular location.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Once you have determined your aim and objective of designing custom printed t-shirts, then the next thing to consider is your budget. Your budget limit will tell you what kind of design is suitable for your t-shirts.

The cost of printing will be based on the design and quantity of order. It is recommended to plan everything in advance so that you do not have to face a shortage of budget. The sublimation printing t shirts are budget-friendly and can produce desired results.

  1. Hire Professional

Once you have selected the right printing technique, then the next step is to hire a printer. Make sure you hire an experienced contractor who can print good quality designs on your t-shirts. You can take references from friends and family members.