8 Things Guys Love That You Didn’t Expect

“A woman can’t change a man because she loves him. A man changes himself because he loves her. “-  Steve Harvey

Although men and women are the same creatures they have a different set of behaviors. Men do things that make women crazy, and women do some things that men find too attractive to resist

Men love women for many reasons, some are obvious others aren’t as clear as you might suspect.

About Your Behavior

There are female behaviors that hit men right in the feels and make them go crazy. These are simple things that you might not even think of but viewed by your man as something unique that catch their attention day by day.

Men love it when you bury your head in their chest or lean on their shoulder. They feel like your protector and won’t let anything happen to you, you feel so helpless without your man.

Men like being pampered at times, especially when they are sick. Knowing that someone cares for them enough to look after them will make them feel well.

When you listen

Listening is one of the sincerest forms of respect, it is a genuine desire to be with another and learn what’s behind the words.

Men love it when you laugh when they say something funny or give suggestions when they discuss their problems or you start talking when they stop talking. This shows that you care about their life’s experiences and it’s a great feeling to have their sweetheart by their side hearing them out talking about their bottled-up emotions. Getting these things off their chest is a great relief and life is beautiful once more.

When you appreciate them

Men yearn for appreciation and respect in their lives, it may come from their parents when they were kids, from their spouse, and from their bosses and colleagues in the workplace.

Men spend at least 40 hours a week working their butts off at the office to pay for the monthly bills, house, and to have food on the table. Keeping the house clean and preparing a hot meal for dinner is a nice gesture of showing your appreciation and respect for his efforts. Your man will stay attracted to you by constantly telling him that you appreciate what he does. Allowing him to do the man things around the house shows your respect, like opening the pickle jar will make you two spend the night smiling.

When you talk about feelings

You have a lot of stories to share from your day at the office to your experience with the grocer – but your partner’s eyes are glued on the TV.

You are precious to us and everything of what you are is important to us, however, we are not made of the same stuff.

Men will not listen if you just want them to agree. They will give their honest opinions about what they think is wrong even if it hurts your feelings.

Men have a short attention span they want to get to the point without going through all the details. If you seek advice they want to help you solve the problem rather than hearing all the facts of it.

A relationship is not a competition. In the office, you are the boss when at home makes him feel that you need their protection.

About your body

Men get attracted to women for a lot of reasons, mostly it is about the body parts that make women sexy.

Eyes are sexy, often women let the eyes do the talking. You can tell a lot with the eyes, you can see honesty and passion. A single look can show acceptance or disapproval of a topic of talk.

The shoulders are the strongest part of the and where the clothes are carried from.

You’ll be captivated with a female neckline, more so with the hair around it and accentuated by clothing that brings out its enchanting qualities. It has the power to mesmerize and excite perhaps even better than the most sensual body parts of a woman.

Pouty lips

It’s not those flapping eyelashes or stroking your hair that will catch a man’s attention, it’s the pouty lips that will do the trick.

The pouty lips are a vital tool in women’s flirting arsenal. Men consider the lips as an important part of the body and men will spend more time gazing at the lips especially if inked with red. Scientists say that men’s eyes are fixated at the pouty red lips for 7.3 seconds, 0.95 seconds observing the eyes, and 0.85 seconds admiring the hair.

Your tattoos

What was once worn by a few is now popular among men and women. Today, you’ll often see the masterpiece of a tattoo artist inked on the bodies of women.  Nobody wants pain but inked women can stand through the discomfort and show toughness.

Men perceive women with tattoos to be confident and sexy. They have control of their body and loves every inch of it. They look at the mirror and like what they see, they don’t care much about what people think of them.

Tattooed women are very interesting and different from the ordinary. Their tattoos remain a mystery until you find out the story behind the body art. Men are attracted to the unknown because they are unpredictable and exciting. These are the reasons why you should schedule a tattoo consultation today and get inked to improve your appearance.

Wearing men’s clothes

You’re done with a day’s work and you’ve returned home. It’s time to wiggle out from the tight-fitting garments and slip into something more comfortable to let your body breathe.

But you’ll look like a clumsy elephant in your partner’s oversize garment and your partner might get distracted and disappointed when he sees your display.

Yes, he’ll get distracted but not disappointed. He’ll be happy to know you’re comfortable in wearing something that’s his and you’ll be around him when he slips into the garment.

He cannot find his hoodie because you are wearing it. He won’t be mad; he’ll just love you more when he sees how lovely you look in his wardrobe.

Most men have a thing for women who can wear their clothing and look like a perfect ten.

When You Surprise Them with a Gift

Not only Women love surprises, but men do too so giving your man a wonderful gift will make him love you more and more. Try to find what he loves the most and surprise him with the same thing. For an instance, give them something they will remember you for each and every day, like shoes. Everyone loves shoes and your man will definitely appreciate a cool pair of shoes or sneakers. There are various brands available in the market you can choose from. Vegan sneakers are in trend now so these will be the best gift. Go for Loom’s Vegan sneakers and your partner will surely love to have them on his feet.

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