8 Tips for selecting the best Dupatta

Dupatta, although an accessory, can change your entire look drastically. Please select the right Dupatta, pair it with any outfit and see how you make heads turn. There was a time long, long ago when Dupatta stood for ethnicity. With the evolution of the fashion industry, dupattas are now being used to make a bold statement. From “going to meet his mom” look to “boss lady” look, you can create everything if you pick out the right heavy designer dupatta. Significantly, you know about all kinds of dupattas before you land on your final choice. Let’s have a look at some tips that may help you through the process. 

Length of Dupatta 

While dressing up for a festival or function where you are going all traditional, look for long length of dupattas. 

Banarasi dupattas are the best for such occasions as they have beautiful boundaries as well as heavy work. 

If you are thinking of an Indie fusion look, go for a short length of dupattas. For instance, floral dupattas serve multiple purposes for such events. You can make a pretty jacket out of them or drape them like a saree. 

According to Fabric 

The most important factor is considering the Fabric and whether it goes with your dress or not. For monochromatic or solid colour kurtas and anarkalis, Bandhani dupattas, as well as Banarasi dupattas, look the best. These fabrics instantly uplift your entire look with bright colours and fancy borders. 

Select Georgette dupattas when you want pleasing prints and when your dress is already heavy. On the other hand, embroidered dupattas go with literally every outfit. They add a slight loveliness to your outfit with their simple yet attractive designs. As far as net dupattas are concerned, they pretty much go with both simple and heavy dresses. 

In sync with the weather 

We are all well aware of the weather cycle in our country. Along with being in style, you also want to to be comfortable so that you can enjoy the events. Make smart choices with dupattas which are in sync with the weather. 

Woollen dupattas act as a shield in the winter season and so does Silk fabric. Opt for cotton dupattas in summers as they are light and breezy. Embroidered dupattas are also great in the scorching heat. 

Moreover, net dupattas can be worn all year round except for winters. 

One Dupatta, various trends 

We understand how every event calls for a new dress! What if we tell you that you can repeat your dresses without anyone even noticing it? Invest in various fabrics of dupattas so you can mix and match clothes and create an entirely new look. 

If you pick out a decent Banarasi dupatta, it will go with all of your solid coloured kurtas and even lehengas. Likewise, pure silk dupattas look great with plain, heavy or just any kind of suits. Try to select different patterns that will match your wardrobe collection. 

Style it up 

We are happy to break this news to you that your dupattas are not meant to complement ethnic outfits. Catch up to the new trend by wearing a pair of classy pants, crop top or a shirt and drape your Dupatta around it. 

When you invest in a dupatta, see to it that you can style it up easily. For instance, your long dupattas can make for pretty decent lehengas that are so in fashion right now.

Which outfit can do better than the Lehenga? Lehengas have always been a favorite choice for those who make a lot of effort to choose their attire with care. Lehengas have a unique quality of transforming themselves according to the mood of a party. You can pick your perfect party wear lehenga design by yourself .If the party happens to be a traditional one, lehengas can be heavy and rich. If the party is casual, light, and trendy, lehengas can be the option.

Think of various ways in which you can use your Dupatta to its fullest before you buy any one of them.

Attending a wedding? 

With the wedding season right around the corner, picking up outfits can be quite hectic. If you are planning to do a full glam look, then we have a little something for you. Add a velvet dupatta to your outfit and see how effortlessly gorgeous your outfit is going to look. 

However, if you are willing to focus on accessorizing them opt for a net dupatta. Along with being chic, this stuff do not hide your accessories. From your hairstyle to your backless blouse, every detail shines a bit more with net dupattas.  

•The Don’ts 

While the variety available in dupattas is overwhelming, you have to say no to certain styles. Never opt for print on print as it is a big disaster. If you are styling with two different dupattas, then make sure that one of them is simple while the other has heavy details. 

Break the monotony! Go all out and play with colours to create the perfect contrast. It can do wonders to even your lousy outfits. Avoid glam dupattas if your suit already has a detailed neckline. Instead, pick out georgette or chiffon dupattas in such cases. 

Must Haves

First of all, invest in a Banarasi dupatta which looks royal-like and is the epitome of luxury. A solid coloured georgette dupatta is perfect for all occasions. Spice up any outfit by throwing this Dupatta on. 

Own a chiffon dupatta to rock the summers in ultimate style. Last but not least, have at least one Phulkari dupatta as this Fabric has the heart of all women. The boldness of colours mixed with detailed work calls for instant attention. 

Final Words

Dupattas can make or break your look. Select the right one to give a mind-blowing touch to your outfits. These were some tips that you should keep in mind before investing in dupattas.