9 Most Popular Smileys and Emotion Emojis This 2022

In today’s digital world, emojis play an important role in how we communicate. We can see emojis all over the place. They appear in social media feeds, text messages, advertisements, and various products. Emojis have evolved from a humorous way to illustrate a joke in their language. It is a crucial means through which we express our emotions and feelings online. Our digital language is adding more and more emojis every year to keep up with this explosive growth.

Let’s examine the most popular emojis now that the first quarter of 2022 is nearly through. What have been the most popular emojis so far this year? The list includes the upside down smiling emoji, the fire emoji, the pile of poo emoji, and many more. Check out the top ten most commonly used emojis and see how they compare to your own. Let’s start!

  1. Loudly Crying Face

Once again, the face with the wailing baby was at the top of the list! This emoji became the most frequently used emoji in 2021. People typically use this emoji to indicate that the sender is so depressed that they are on the verge of sobbing. 

They might associate this with feelings such as disappointment, grief, and frustration. Even though this emoji can ‌express sorrow, users of this emoji have disproportionately employed it to express happiness. It can be a face of sobbing and laughing.

  1. Eyes

This emoji is among the most controversial emojis. Other people may misinterpret the eyes emoji if used incorrectly. The Eyes emoji is the digital representation of the common term “shifty eyes.” Someone with shifty eyes is someone who constantly shifts his gaze between the left and right in an attempt to avoid eye contact. 

This emoji is a favorite in internet debates because of its controversial character and the freedom it grants the user. For obvious reasons, some people pertain to this specific eye emoji as “scary eyes,” while others choose to name it the Side Eye emoji.

  1. See No Evil Monkey 

Mizaru is the name of the monkey who symbolizes the adage see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They commonly take it as a call for prudence or deliberate ignorance. People typically use this emoji to indicate fun, laughter, disbelief, cringing, or “I am unable to look!” This emoji is also suitable for flirting. 

When a male is uncomfortable or hesitant about flirting, he will often utilize the monkey emoji to convey that feeling to the recipient. Despite being a conceptual icon, this emoji can indicate an unwillingness to see something or the anticipation of a surprise.

  1. OK Hand

This emoji represents the word “okay” by depicting a real hand with the thumb and index finger to make a circle. Why is this emoticon so prevalent? The human element it brings to online chats is a major factor. The Ok Hand emoji gives the user the impression of conversing with an individual. But this symbol became part of the list of hate emojis. 

According to the Anti-Defamation League, some people are using this symbol as a “sincere display of white superiority.” The Anti-Defamation League began its “Hate on Display” list in 2000 to assist individuals in recognizing extremist behavior.

  1. Thumbs up

It is unlikely for this emoji not to be on the list of the most popular emojis, given that everyone uses it. The Thumbs Up emoji is comparable to the actual thumbs-up gesture in that it indicates approval. This emoji depicts a human hand with the index finger pointing upward. 

People use this icon to convey comprehension, appreciation, support, or agreement. In this generation, this emoji has a bad connotation. Some suggest that the thumbs-up emoji represents passive aggression. It means that many of us have insulted the recipients of our emoji messages without their or our knowledge.

  1. Party Popper

This emoji is the best emoji to use when people are expressing joy or elation. We are confident you will use this party popper emoji for any occasion, including New Year’s, birthdays, and festivals. It can also ‌express enthusiasm or that the sender is having a good time. 

The party popper emoji depicts an ignited party popper with colorful ribbons, streamers, and confetti blasting from its entrance. Its color varies depending on the platform and system. This emoji is one of the most popular emojis this year, as parties and festivals are slowly returning.

  1. Grinning Face With Sweat

Life is full of unexpected events and shocks. You can never be certain of what will occur. It’s one of the reasons behind the popularity of the Grinning Face With Sweat emoji. This emoji is frequently used to convey a sense of relief following a near call. 

When they announced this emoji to the world, it was supposed to represent anxiety or discomfort. If you enjoy making fun of yourself, you’ve likely used this sign frequently! If you want the person you’re chatting with to know that you’re worried, you can use this emoji to convey your current state playfully.

  1. Clown Face

People commonly use this emoji to express different foolish, goofy emotions or when someone shows a behavior like a circus clown. They use it to make fun of the sender’s dumb behavior when they make a silly mistake. Because some people find clowns weird or scary, they use this emoji to indicate that something or someone is frightening or suspicious. 

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the clown’s hair is blue. This emoji has a distinct meaning on TikTok. They use this emoji to describe someone selfish or dumb. Occasionally, other people refer to this icon as genuine clowns, such as those at circuses, birthday parties, or festivals.

  1. Purple Heart

If you are a fan of BTS, you probably use this purple heart emoji all the time. This emoji became popular because of the Army fans. But this has also another meaning. 

Due to its color, this symbol possesses a maternal quality. It can also signify piety or sanctity, as kings, queens, and other monarchs who wore purple were viewed as gods or demigods.


After all, ‌emojis are a global phenomenon. In general, smileys and emotion emojis and the animals and nature categories are ‌popular. However, flags are the least common category of emojis. What are your favorite ones? Are your most often used emojis on the list? Check out more list about emojis at Emoiguide.com.