9 Ways To Flatter Your Face

If you have ever looked at a picture of yourself and wished your face appeared more flattering, you are not alone. Although it is healthy to embrace all of your flaws (and not be so hard on yourself in the first place because you probably looked great), there are many ways to flatter your face. Try some of these tips so that next time you will love whatever pictures someone takes of you. But if you are still confused about what haircut you should use according to your face shape, then you can check out this site.

1. Choose the Right Fit Glasses

For individuals who wear corrective lenses, one easy and fun way to flatter your face is by choosing the right pair of glasses. Keep in mind, not all pairs will fit similarly. Also, colors and styles can make a big difference. Whether you prefer designer frames or other options, choosing an experienced optometrist such as True Eye Experts can provide you with the necessary services for a comprehensive exam as well as professional fittings.

2. Choose a Haircut That Highlights Your Face Shape

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you had to give your face a shape, what shape would you say it is? For most people, the answer is square, round or triangular. Depending on your answer, there are certain haircuts that can highlight your face shape better than others. If you need help deciding, bring it up with the stylist the next time you get a haircut.

3. Get a Tan

Who knew spending time in the sun could make your face shine brighter? Well, it can! For many people, getting a tan flatters their face because it changes their pigment in a way that is more noticeable. Keep in mind, the tones of your clothing can also make a big difference when it comes to contrast against a fresh tan.

4. Opt for Sideburns

For men who grow facial hair, another possible way to flatter the face is to opt for sideburns the next time you go to the barber. While this style is less popular for some adults now than it was a few decades ago, there are other people who still love it. In some ways, it creates a sort of border that frames some of your best features such as your eyes and smile. 

5. Grow a Beard

For individuals who worry about the appearance of their chin, growing a beard is a solid option for flattering the face while limiting the bare appearance of the area. Plus, there are multiple directions you can take when growing a beard. Not only can growing a beard help flatter you face, but it can also allow you to express a unique side of your personality. 

6. Change Your Part

Are you someone who parts your hair or do you let the part form naturally? Either way, changing things up is a noticeable way to highlight your face. For example, if you usually have a center part, try moving it to the side. If you usually have a side part, try aligning it more to the center. Different sides can also have different effects. Try different looks to see what you like best. 

7. Cover Your Ears With Your Hair

While there is nothing wrong with your ears, this is one area that many people feel self-conscious about. If this sounds familiar, then one solution to try is covering your ears with a haircut or style that helps flatter and shape your face. Keep in mind, this could be the opposite of what you want if you are wearing a pair of stylish earrings.

8. Apply Some Blush

If you want to add some different color tones to your cheeks, another idea for flattering your face is to apply some blush. However, be mindful of the amount. Generally, less is more. If you have not used blush in the past, note that it can be very easy to go from a flattering highlight to appearing sunburned. If you do end up using too much, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and start over instead of trying to wipe it off and cover it up with foundation. 

9. Grow Out Your Bangs

One more idea to try when it comes to flattering your face is to grow your bangs. Again, this is definitely another style choice that depends on personal preferences, but bangs can offer a lot of potential in terms of style. If you want to avoid any awkwardness while they are growing out, you can try sporting a headband or tying them back in a stylish hairdo. 

Whether you change your hairstyle or your glasses, there are numerous ways to flatter your face.