A Concept-Mapping Technique To Narrow Down Your Business Idea

Concept map software is a powerful tool for brainstorming, goal setting, and creative thinking. They are enhanced by the use of colors and symbols. Here’s how to make your own charts to choose the right one for your particular needs!

What is a concept map?

Concept mapping is a method of visualizing information by making a diagram or chart that can be manipulated to show a person’s mechanisms, patterns, connections, or relationships. A Concept-Mapping Technique, “Ideally we use concepts as ways of thinking about and discussing specific topics.

What are the different types of concept maps?

A concept map is a visual representation that strategically organizes the relevant components or ideas of your research project in one or more boxes. A process diagram, which shows essentially how you think the project is categorized, is another technique that can be used to organize and identify different concepts. Many students forget this during the early stages of jumping into a new business idea.

How To Use A Concept Map?

Concept Maps make it easier to see what your idea entails, organize information from above and below the concept node, plan for questions and include people at a peer level.

A concept map is a tool that plays an important part in business strategy. It helps to show how the audience and stakeholders will react, as well as what they expect and seek out from you. Start by getting an idea of some possible interests and reactions. From there, make a list of your product, service target, intended reaction, and target outcome.

Different Ways Of Making A Concept Map

The concept-mapping technique is used to explore and choose between the different ways to do something. It is often used in making a decision about what changes to make with a product, work or major business realignment. For example, an organization may be unsure of which direction they should shift their product toward if it can feasibly be a combination of 3 different products.


The benefits of creating a concept-mapping technique to narrow down your business include that it allows the business to move forward. This is because by focusing on one idea, there is a greater likelihood that the idea can be turned into an organized system within the given time based on previously gathered information and experience through inquiries. Moreover, obtaining results from this approach provides a better perspective for future ideas as well.