A Critical Look at MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews

I was going through MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, where I learned about their exciting and unique process and also got to know the journeys of some successful applicants to top colleges with MBA and Beyond. 

In the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, one of the comments that I found very inspiring was, “The MBA and Beyond team understood my profile extremely well, believed in me, and helped me showcase my best. They explain every aspect of the application process, which helped me prepare myself for the effort I have to put in.” This is something that I found genuinely helpful for candidates to onboard the journey of MBA and Beyond. 

Another very interesting thing about their process is that they don’t tell what you want to hear; rather tell their authentic feedback, which is the ultimate key to understanding your strength and weakness. 

In MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, someone shared the packages of MBA and beyond, so I researched about it on their website, and I learned that they offer a variety of services like an all-in-one package, profile building, branding, interview preparation, essay editing, ding analysis and so on. The impact of the MBA and Beyond process on the applicant that we found on the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews page is that the whole team actually goes beyond the ways to help you in putting up the right picture for adcoms, living up to their brand name. 

Most of the applicant reviews that I found on MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews noted that their all-in-one package was quite helpful.  

People on MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews believe that MBA and Beyond give applicants the utmost authentic feedback, and for that, the applicant gets to have a second opinion on their essays by another expert consultant so that the applicant has added value and feedback to their essays and doesn’t miss a string.

As I’m also targeting MBA this year, I was looking at MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, where I found this inspiring success story, and I decided to go with MBA and Beyond. 

Considering factors such as my higher work experience (7+ years), personal geographical preferences, low GMAT score (650), and post-MBA career goals, I wanted to apply to one of the top B-schools in the UK, and Alliance Manchester Business School was at the top of my target list. Even though I was confident in my overall profile, the low GMAT score and the tough competition for the specific geography meant that it was always safer to seek professional help from a reputed MBA consultant for guidance during the application process.

I had profile evaluation sessions with several reputed consultants from India. The outcome was not really encouraging. Some of the top consultants gave highly skeptical remarks by focusing too much on my GMAT score alone and not being interested in looking into some of the unique aspects of my profile. It was a stage where I started doubting my chances of making it to some of the target B-schools.

Then came the profile evaluation session with MBA&B. With how my previous profile evaluations have gone thus far, I wasn’t expecting a different outcome. However, to my surprise, the MBA&B consultant was more interested in my life stories and various life achievements than tangible factors such as my GMAT score and GPA. Based on several life stories I shared, the consultant gave me a deep insight into some of my strengths and weaknesses. I was told that my profile had several USPs and that, with the right branding, the target school could be cracked. The best part was that the evaluation was very much rooted in reality, and I was not fed with any false sense of hope. The consultant also walked me through MBA&B’s overall methodical application process. I was convinced that MBA&B held the key to my admission success.

MBA&B had a team in place to cater to my various application-related requirements. It started with a content-gathering session. The content-gathering platform had a set of questions, questions meticulously put together to allow one to self-reflect on various life stories- both personal and professional. Ayushi, who was responsible for the content gathering, was not only supportive but also continuously pushed me to bring all my stories to paper. She also helped shape my perspective by guiding me in identifying the types of stories that could help my branding. At the end of the session, I had a vast ocean of stories and contents I could choose from to help effectively articulate the application essays.

In the next stage, I was assigned my consultant, Shweta. Shweta laid out the plan for the application process. I was given specific goals for each of our sessions, which helped me become more effective and stay on track to complete the applications on time. Based on the content-gathering data, she helped me identify the right stories that could help create the best application. My discussions with the consultant were around 1 hour and around 2 per week. Shweta was also never ready to settle for a mediocre essay response. Shweta would go to great lengths to analyze the essay word for word, revision after revision, to make sure that the best stories are captured clearly and crisply. MBA&B also arranged two mock interview sessions—one with my consultant and another with a different consultant—to give me comprehensive feedback for the interview session.

Thus, with the help of the MBA&B team, I was able to secure admission to Alliance Manchester Business School. My overall experience with MBA&B was excellent. I don’t think I could have asked for a better team considering how MBA&B helped me with the tiring and challenging application process. I will recommend MBA&B to all MBA candidates who dare to dream and are not afraid to put their ultimate efforts into realizing that dream.

On the basis of the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, I feel confident enough to start my MBA journey with MBA and Beyond.