A Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Phone

If you need a new phone, you might be even for a nasty surprise when you see the prices that new phones are going for. Fortunately, there is a strong second-hand market for smartphones that can be a lot kinder to your wallet while still allowing you to buy a high-quality device. So, how can you make sure that you are getting a good deal on a used phone? 

Buy From a Trusted Seller

First, you should only ever buy a phone from a trusted seller. As you might imagine, the internet can be a dangerous place to buy a used phone and you will not be getting much consumer protection if you buy from a private seller and scams are an issue. Instead, find a company that is known for selling second hand and refurbished phones so that you know the phone will be up to standard.

Check the Condition

When buying a second-hand phone, you need to consider the condition of the phone that you are purchasing. The condition is usually one of a few grades, which will signify any damage that the phone has. The more cosmetic damage, the cheaper the phone, so consider what kind of level of cosmetic damage you would be happy with.

Check Returns & Warranty Protection

There will always be an element of risk when buying a used phone, so you should always check the returns policy and warranty protection before making a purchase. A company that offers a 12-month warranty will be ideal as you know that you can trust the seller and you have protection in case there are any issues that arise with the phone.

Sell Your Old Phone

If your old phone is working, you should also look to sell this so that you can put the money towards a new phone. You can sell your iPhone 8 for a decent amount online provided that it still works and this could then make the cost of a second-hand model much more affordable.

Assess Upon Purchase

As soon as your second-hand phone arrives, you need to take the time to give it a thorough inspection to make sure that it was sold as advertised. The phone should be in the condition that was promised and have no performance issues that were not outlined in the description.

These tips should help you to find a good deal on a high-quality second hand phone and make huge savings compared to buying new.