A Guide To HHC Dosage

One of the most recent cannabinoids to make waves in the cannabis community is HHC, derived from hemp. Currently, only a select few manufacturers produce and sell HHC-based goods, which are almost exclusively available in the form of HHC vaporizers.

Consumers have questions before they shop HHC due to its newness, including “How does dosing HHC work?” To address that, we’ve assembled this response. Thus, this should serve as your guide on HHC dosage.

An Introduction To HHC

Though inquiry into HHC has increased recently, it is not a newly discovered cannabinoid. Chemist Roger Adams first discovered HHC or hexahydrocannabinol in 1944. Adams, at the time, synthesized HHC by adding hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC.

Vegetable oil undergoes the same hydrogenation process used to create margarine.

Only minute quantities of the cannabinoid known as HHC are discovered in these plants. Because of this, hydrogenation has replaced most other techniques for industrial HHC production. 

In the early stages of HHC hydrogenation, however, industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC is used to guarantee compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

HHC products are so well-liked because of the balancing effects of Delta-8 THC and the stimulating effects of Delta-9 THC.

HHC can make you high, though not as much as with Delta-9 THC. The effects of HHC are also susceptible to the dosage and delivery method used. This HHC dosing guide was therefore compiled.

Knowing The HHC Dosage

Many people use cannabinoids for the numerous advantages they provide. The best way to figure out an appropriate dose of HHC is to be knowledgeable and responsible for starting easy until you reach your desired effect. 

It will help if you read the factors influencing the optimal daily dose of HHC. How much HHC you take relies on your intended use, tolerance, and personal preference.

Take note that there isn’t a universal rule for effective HHC dosage. It would help if you experimented to find the optimal dose. Even if your tolerance for cannabinoids like regular Delta 9 THC is high, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Like most cannabis products, it’s best to ease into it gradually. Overindulging may make you impaired and spoil your time. On the other hand, you might not experience the benefits of this cannabinoid if you don’t take enough.

Because of the potency of HHC, Binoid advises its customers who experiment with HHC only to use the following when using its HHC products:

  • Just the one gummy
  • Tincture dosage: 1 drop
  • Three inhalations from a vape pen

Of course, only some things at a time. Again, those are just recommended starting doses for HHC consumers in general. Here are the suggested HHC doses for various users:

  • For first-time users of HHC, quantities of 5 to 12 mg are suggested.
  • Doses of 12-30 mg of HHC per day are advised for intermediate-level patients.
  • Benefit: a daily dose of 30–60+ mg of HHC is suggested.
  • On average, HHC is about 90% as potent as Delta 9 THC. As a result, the effects of HHC are more subtle than those of standard Delta 9 THC, but the relief felt in the head and body is greater.

It’s also important to consider both dosage and milligram strength when choosing a hexahydrocannabinol dose.

HHC potency is milligrams and can range from a 25-mg edible to a 1,000-mg/30-ml tincture. Strength is measured in milligrams of pure HHC extract per serving.

Ways Of Consuming HHC

HHC can be ingested sublingually with oils or taken in the form of edibles, but it can also be inhaled.

To answer your curiosity, we need to consider bioavailability. Knowing the bioavailability of HHC allows one to tailor their dosage to their preferred method of ingestion.

The bioavailability varies depending on the route of administration. This value indicates the extent to which the body absorbs a compound. The amount of HHC felt and how long it takes to take effect are both affected by bioavailability.

The bioavailability of ingested substances is typically lowest when taken orally. It is because HHC has to be absorbed by the digestive system before it can enter the bloodstream. To feel the effects of HHC, this process may take some time.

Take note: Do not immediately take another HHC gummy if you do not feel its effects. Don’t go crazy, or it will all hit you at once.

Moreover, inhalation is the most bioavailable route and provides the most convenient means of regulating HHC consumption.

Most people who use HHC inhale it through a vape, making it the most common. High-THC vapes deliver a concentrated drug dose directly into the bloodstream, producing rapid effects. 

To use an HHC vape, start with one or two puffs, wait until you feel the effects (which won’t take long), and repeat as necessary.

Know Your HHC Tolerance

Consider your cannabinoid tolerance when choosing an HHC dose. First-time cannabinoid users have low HHC tolerance. Your low tolerance makes even low doses of HHC more powerful. Increasing HHC slowly is advised.

If the user has consumed intoxicating cannabinoids, higher HHC doses can be tolerated. Your increased tolerance means you’ll need more HHC to feel its effects. If you’ve never tried HHC, start slowly to see how you react.

Knowing how well you tolerate cannabinoids and HHC can help you choose a starting dose.

Weight can increase tolerance. Because of their higher tolerance, heavier people may need to consume more to get the same effect. Lighter people with lower tolerance may need smaller doses.

Cannabinoids affect people differently. Your friend’s dose may not be right for you.

Can HHC Overdose or Kill?

No cases of overdose or death have been linked to HHC or its products. You can be safe and enjoy your headspace if you follow the guidelines in this article.

A Whiff To Take

Experimenting with different doses is a good start if you want to maximize your HHC experience. Tolerance, consumption method, and personal preference are a few of the factors that influence an individual’s optimal consumption level.

Important safety considerations for not using HHC include: 

  • If you are expecting a child or are a nursing mother
  • Driving or operating machines while under the influence 
  • You should also consult your primary care physician before beginning an HHC regimen.

Since this cannabinoid is still pretty new, it is usually best to take things slowly and follow the directions on the package of your HHC product. Watch how your body responds to HHC and change the dose if you need to.