A Guide to Storing Your Medal Collection

Are you wondering how to keep your medal collection in good shape? Click here for a guide to properly storing your medal collection.

Do you know why our medals and awards are bronze, silver, and gold? Medals were actually ranked due to their position on the periodic table and their value

Also, medals can become more priceless than their initial worth due to their rarity, historical value, and the materials used. Medals represent commitment, service, bravery, and gallantry. They are a visible display of an individual’s community and service record. 

Read on as we discuss how to ensure that your medal collection stays in top shape!

Medal Collection Care and Storage

Many companies make medals and suspension rings from nickel, alloys, copper, or gold. These are typically liable to oxidation and sheen degradation. Their material ribbons may tarnish in extreme temperatures. 

So always ensure all types of medals in your collections stay in their best shape. Keep your medal collections away from cold or direct sunlight, and store them in a dark or non-PVC container.

Make sure you use cotton gloves and not latex if you handle them because sweat from your skin may reduce the luster of the medal. Organize and store them in a large box to hold individually sealed or wrapped. 

Direct and indirect contact with acids can oxidize copper and bronze medals. These acids include sulfuric and formic acids like drain cleaners and detergents. You may put them in an electronically-locked, heavy safe to safeguard your valuables. 

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Consider a Medal Display Case

Medals are memorable achievements that are too good to store away in the basement or boxes. Some people find pride in displaying their medals as a reminder of their sacrifice, hard work, and success. If you love seeing them in your bedroom or living room, consider getting a medal display case. 

A medal shelf can keep your display medals pristine and protect them from water and dust. A medal holder display is also great without occupying too much space on your cabinets, shelves, or tabletops. Other medal holders also have a specialized shelf system to install your collections.

Other Care and Storage to Consider

Never scrub clean your medals because it may decrease their value. Keep your medal collections where they will not collide and become damaged. Keep your medal collections enclosed in a non-PVC and acid-free rack when you put them on display.

Be sure to place your medals away in areas with low moisture, high humidity, and a well-ventilated environment. We do not recommend wooden display boxes for displaying medals. Most timbers, such as oak, emit acidic vapors that can cause deterioration. 

Also, you can use distilled water to wash-off surface dirt from medals, like silver. Remove light stains from bronze and silver medals by gently rubbing them with a soft cloth. Use special care when cleaning the attached ribbons on medals.

What You Should Do With Your Medal Collection

As stated above, one of the best ways to store your medal collection is by putting it inside a shelf or drawer in a lined box. Also, always keep them in an acid-free and non-PVC environment. If your medals are installed correctly for display and stored properly, they can last for years. 

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