A kaleidoscopic view of the different types of chic men’s wedding bands

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding band or a unique piece that reflects your relationship, men’s wedding bands have plenty of options in Epic Wedding Bands. They have the perfect shape, size, design, and statement for every groom.

  • The triple barrel ring from Auvere is a 22k gold piece. Combining traditional elements with contemporary fashion its triple barrel style, this unisex band comes in both satin and polished options, which make it a sophisticated and sleek choice for everybody.
  • The center wedding band with a classic hammer style has attitude and class. This crown ring ha soft hammering, which shines between its slim edges, elevating the look. You also have 14k white and yellow gold options with 8 mm width to make a sophisticated and timeless choice.
  • A gold puzzle design has rose gold accents. They have 35-45 carats of awesome round-cut diamonds, each shimmering between the smooth links.
  • If you want a more manly look, go for The Triceratops. If you’re a nature fein or a dino freak, real and fascinating dinosaur bone accents in the wedding band is a great to ensure a subtle display of passion.
  • The comfortable fit makes these bands very easy to wear. Its catch triple tone bone design enhances the fun element.

The masculine choices

The Tyler Ring is the peak of masculine Epic Wedding Bands. Comprising black zirconium, it has a very manly feel, making it an instant showstopper. Its hammered finished adds to the style and simplicity. These bands generally come around $35.

  •  A gold and palladium Christian Bauer Men’s Wedding band fuses the 18k metals for a mixed-metal appearance.
  • A rare cut design, they pair it with mobile pieces at the bottom and a round diamond in the center. This is truly a unique band. They normally cost $1,200-$1,500.
  • You also have the regular men’s diamond ring that’s available in platinum, and white, rose, or yellow gold. However, features like the baguette and round diamonds spelling I love you in an attractive morse code make this ring one-of-a-kind.
  • The carved palladium wedding bands are just classic. However, the stylish and textured look and polish form the twist in tale. They are $2,050-$4,000.
  • The square rims bands showcase a metal mixture. They incorporate a new twist to an otherwise vintage ring style.
  • These rings feature 14k yellow gold, which you pair with a matte finish platinum bottom.

It’s your call

Many people have a confusion among patterned, plain or alternative wedding bands. Your safest option is to select a piece that showcases different styles and patterns that catch your attention.  You can use the ring/band sample service to test-drive every different element that makes a band.

It’s prudent not to fall for the diamond debate. There’s no hard and fast rule that a wedding ring must have diamonds. If you want to be the trendiest, settle for rose gold. You can find this metal in modern watches, necklaces, bracelet and a hundred other accessories. They are popular with grooms and brides alike, making them a fantastic matching set.