In this century, long-distance relationships are common but through this distance making your significant other feels special becomes somewhat difficult. There’s the magic of flower that never fails. 

what can be more beautiful than coming home and realizing that there is a bouquet or a box of chocolates sent by the loved one? you can always send flowers to delhi.

The whole zoo is in our stomach making us feel giddy and special at the same time. The one who is sending those flowers is excited to hear our reaction through the telephone when we get them. 

It truly is a magical moment for the couple as both of them experience the butterflies in their stomach. 

Colors have their magic on a person, and when we talk about flowers, they are colorful and have a fragrance to them, delighting the other person. The colorful masterpieces provided by nature. 

A flower to your beloved who is far away in some distant, HOW ROMANTIC! 

The flower delivery in Bangalore is just a click away. Here are some ways you can make it all the occasions special with flowers:

Missing you 

It is pretty normal to miss someone when you are in a long-distance relationship. You just want to be there with them but the distance is the barrier. You need not worry as when it comes to love, it is known to travel long distances, but with the right things, we can make a person feel like they are close to us and are we. It is really special in its way. 

How about you send them a basket full of roses and a teddy bear just to remind them that a smile looks better than a frown with the missed you so much or add a cake if they have a sweet tooth for it with ever shining love. 

The best gift is wishing well for the one you love and telling them that they are no less than the first ray of sun in the morning with the bouquet of the first sunshine.


Remember how you both met? What a magical day it was! 

Make your loved one remember that too. It is all just a click away and is hassle-free, makes them remember with remembering that special day, a bouquet contains vibrant orchids of various colors.

Make it more special with a teddy bear and a cake by gifting them blissful love combo or with chocolates which you can add to the love combo with the bouquets like Carnations, Teddy, Chocolate and Cake Combo.

Celebrate your anniversary with a box of celebrations and a bunch of flowers. 

Sweet valentine 

To that sweet valentine of yours, gift them something that would find its course. Nothing shows that better than a flower, if cared for it week it blooms even after continuous growth of weeds.

Love is always symbolized through roses and the color red is full of passion. A beautiful red rose bouquet for them depicting the love you have for them and how distance doesn’t matter

A hundred roses through eternal love, let them be aware that love is not bound to the season, hours, or seconds when it is there for an eternity. 

Send them a heart of sentiment expressing your inner feelings towards them or add a chocolate cake with pure Choco love. 

Happy birthday!

Life is full of vibrant colors make it a little more colorful by sending them baskets full of colors. Distance doesn’t stand between the love that you have for them. 

A color full basket of love to the one who makes your life colorful or make them journey through the wonderful garden of roses. 

If your loved one has a favorite flower or likes a particular cake always remember it and get a custom flower basket made for them, it is romantic when your loved one remembers little things about you. 
Make it special for your far off significant other now by ordering fresh flowers and a beautiful cake for them, you are just one click away from  bloomsvilla and get online cake delivery in bangalore, make them realize how nice it is to have them in your life and how you appreciate their presence by getting the flowers delivered to Bangalore. You can add a card if you want.