Traditional Nigerian music originated from a practical purpose in earlier times and was frequently performed to mark rites like weddings or funerals. Agriculture also served a purpose. As a result, to keep themselves motivated, laborers in the fields and on canoes sang work songs. Northern farmers were expected to provide musicians when they worked on one another’s crops. The musician inspired the other cooperating farmers by singing laudatory songs about his client and the group. Yorubas have historically expressed their sociocultural norms through music. All kinds of social and formal events had musical entertainment. Hourglass tension drums (dundun) and kettledrums are common musical instruments used by the Yoruba people (gudugudu). The Igbo people of south-eastern Nigeria used music for festivals, competitions, recreation, and—most significantly for historians—telling tales to others. The Igbo play a variety of traditional instruments such as udus, lutes, xylophones, lyres, zithers (obo), and flutes. The growth of Nigerian Highlife was greatly aided by these instruments. With the ability to produce music, many Nigerian composers and musicians emigrated to the States to establish themselves. Osamede Omorodion was one of the names from the lot.

Osamede Omorodion, professionally known by his stage name Osa, He is a Nigerian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and a record producer. Osa was born on August 27th. 1992 and was raised in Benin City Edo state, Nigeria, and later moved to the United States with his family. He attended private schools in Benin for his elementary, middle, and high school education. He passed out of high school, scoring good grades in his SSCE. He later attended the School of Audio Institute New York to pursue his passion towards music. 

Osa migrated to the US in 2014 due to the economic crisis. He started writing music in high school in Benin City in his early age and recorded his first song in 2007 as a novice. He later officially released his first project in 2021. 

Osa’s music career started in 2007. He began by recording singles and mixtapes in studios in his community. His career took a positive shift in 2009 when his paths crossed with another musical artist, Brusky. 

In 2018, Osa gained popularity after he dropped the hit single, “Flash”. 

In 2020, Osa took the industry by storm again when he dropped “Airplane Mode”. Released during the pandemic, the song was streamed by thousands of people across the globe. Later next year, Osa dropped his highly anticipated project, “Black Bird EP” which has amassed over five hundred thousand streams and counting on Spotify. His other notable songs include Late Night, Dolphins, The masterpiece Tape among many others.
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He later released a music video for his song “Naija Boy” which quickly attained over 100 thousand views on YouTube within the first three weeks and is also currently streaming across all major television channels and radio stations across Nigeria and the United States. 

During his music tenure, Osa has been featured on several major stage performances including internationally recognized events. 

Besides producing music, Osa is also a fashion enthusiast. He has released different clothing collections. He has designed and sold-out clothing designs to hundreds of customers. Alongside his three siblings – Ebuwa Omorodion, Osaze Omorodion, and Osasere Omorodion – Osa was raised in Benin, in a Christian environment. Currently, Osa resides in the United States.

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Osa has made career choices and a path for himself to follow and lead on to gain all the success and making a name for himself. Osamede Omorodion is a rapper taking the music scene by storm. His unique sound, blending Afrobeat, hip hop and trap elements, has resonated with fans all over the world. 

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