Advantages And Disadvantages Of Customized Car Dealer Software

The way consumers interact with car dealers has changed rapidly with evolving technology. Even the latest vendor management systems are on the verge of becoming obsolete in the world of digital disruption we now live in. The need for smart technology is a given when it comes to running a successful dealership that exceeds the expectations of today’s consumers.

When it comes to solutions for car dealer software, one of the biggest dilemmas is choosing between developed and customized software. Is it better to choose a solution tailored to your company’s needs or a custom solution?

The setting indicates when the vendor’s automation software has been specially coded. Configuration is when you use software tools to change the way it works. Although these two definitions sound almost identical, there is one significant difference between each of them. With configuration, if the software vendor releases an update, you’ll have to tweak the coding, while with configuration, you won’t because you’ve been using your tools.

Now that you know the difference between custom car dealer software, it’s time to discuss their pros and cons.

Advantages of a customized car dealer software

·        It is a habit

As the final product is usually designed with the needs of customers and their businesses in mind, the design is tailored to the specifications and requirements provided. Therefore, each business may have very specific requirements for product goals and purposes. There may also be design and functionality requirements, system requirements, scalability and integration requirements, and more. This way, personal expectations, and special needs are taken into account, which is what customers love about creating customized apps.

·        It is focused on business

As mentioned above, customized solutions are client-centric and therefore focus on the requirements of individual businesses. In addition, customized apps differ from each other by considering specific areas and industries during the development process.

·        Professionalism

The experts working on the project understand the details and already have the technical training needed to create such a project. Moreover, a company with experience in developing such solutions will ultimately be able to deliver a better product because its specialists already know how to overcome specific challenges and solve evolving problems.

·        No trade adjustments are needed

Unlike ready-made solutions, you do not need to set up or modify any business processes for individual development. In addition, the customized automated business software easily adapts to all the existing processes that are known in the client’s company. This means that both parties save a lot of time and effort. In addition, customized software can be adapted to any scenario and can subsequently enable robust data analysis and significantly speed up all workflows.

Disadvantages of a customized car dealer software

·        Time

Developing customized software solutions for car dealers usually takes more time than implementing off-the-shelf solutions. However, keep in mind that even regular services take some time to adapt to your requirements.

·        Price

At first glance, it appears that the final price of custom car dealer software development will be higher — and in the short term, it will be. But in the end, the ROI of custom apps is usually higher. It can therefore be considered a positive development of the economic effect of this type of decision.


When choosing between standard and custom solutions, fully tailored to the needs and requirements of the business, keep in mind that both options can be beneficial. The final choice depends a lot on the market situation, company size, business processes, budget and so on. Even if the specifically designed solutions are effective and of high quality, it is up to the business to decide which of the two alternatives to choose.