All About Overhead Garage Doors

A garage is a place where one of your most-prized possessions stays: the cars. In addition, the garage may either protect or endanger your property since outsiders may or may not be able to enter your property through this.

That said, it is important to have a garage door that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also safe enough to guard your house against unwanted guests.

The overhead garage door is one of the prominent types of garage doors among property owners. In this article, we will talk about this type of garage door.


Any upward-operating door that rolls or moves open from the ground level and opens in a horizontal plane above the doorway is referred to as an overhead door.

As the name implies, when the door is opened, it will be on top of a human’s head.


Single Panel Overhead Garage Doors

The single-board overhead garage door was one of the most popular and earliest models. This door is made of a single sturdy solid piece of wood, aluminum, steel, or other components, as suggested by its name.

The door could be raised easily because of the stabilizer spring.

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

A large percentage of garage doors used today are sectional doors. These doors typically consist of four or five horizontal panels that are bound together by hinges.

This implies that the door can fold and follow a curved, primarily vertical path as it opens and closes.

Rolling Overhead Garage Doors

In order to bypass the need for an overhead track and free up ceiling space in the garage, roller garage doors, which are typically found in commercial buildings, roll up into a housing explicitly above the garage door frame.

The distinctive characteristic of rolling overhead garage doors is their interconnected metal horizontal blinds, which enable the door to roll up swiftly and silently while providing maximum security.

Canopy Overhead Garage Doors

This phrase refers to a single-panel overhead door that lifts by shifting the edge of the door across a horizontal track back toward the garage.

When opened, a third of the garage door sticks out, creating a canopy thanks to a spring mechanism at the top that lifts the side door panel.



For all property owners,advanced overhead doors provide increased security. Those without the key or code will have a challenging time trying to open the overhead door.

A door that is strong enough is required because, even though burglar alarms and security systems will help deter unwanted burglars and intruders from entering your home, they are occasionally insufficient.


One of the most resilient options for your home is a set of contemporary overhead garage doors. Even if you use your garage as your home’s main entrance, they are built to last for years of low-maintenance use.


You have the option of picking a design that complements the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.


When you install an overhead garage door, you increase your home’s drive-up appeal, security, energy efficiency, and marketability in case you ever decide to put it on the market.

Especially when it is done by Advanced Overhead Doors, an expert in garage door installation and repair, your property’s value will be enhanced by installing durable overhead doors.

Commercial vs. Residential Overhead Garage Doors

There are many ways that commercial overhead doors vary from residential garage doors, including size and the way it is lifted.

Standard or low headroom lift types are utilized by the majority of residential garage doors. In contrast, commercial doors utilize a full vertical lift, a high lift, or a standard lift.

Hardware for commercial overhead doors must be able to withstand repeated opening and closing throughout the course of a working day because many people may come and go out of the garage during the course of the day.

Commercial doors use a powerful spring system that can support more than twenty liftings per day on average. A residential garage door might not need a powerful spring system because it might only open twice per day on average.

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