All the specialties about King palm flavor

The handmade, all-natural King Palm flavors is directly a traditional way of smoking, and took years to perfect designs and make sure they met the highest quality standards.

 Every one of King Palm’s organic pre-roll cones is made by hand to perfectly capture the beauty of the traditional wrap that people have been enjoying for generations. Just like those who came before us, King Palm is open to all things natural when it comes to vaping.

Made with all-natural crushes

Can’t stand how bitter regular papers taste? Do you like to buy things that last? Try King Palm flavors’ newest treat, the all-natural crush & burst palm leaf cones, before anyone else! Don’t know how to roll? King Palm flavors will take good care of you. Our tasty cones come already rolled to save you time. 

The main objective of King Palm is to create environmentally friendly, long-lasting nicotine products that are beneficial to both you and the ecosystem. In a period when everyone is looking for something a little more solid, King Palm will always be the company you can rely on.

The main objective of King Palm flavors is to create environmentally friendly, long-lasting nicotine products that are beneficial to both you and the ecosystem. In a period when everyone is looking for something a little more solid, King Palm will always be the company you can rely on.

You’ll never have to split, scrape, or roll again. Please just pack, crush, and smoke your all-natural cigarette. To get the most out of your dry herb, pick up a King Palm flavors Flavors pre-roll.

Taste blast with King Palm flavors

The King Palm flavors types are different from other sweet pre-rolls because you can choose when the taste blast will happen. Using the tool that came with the box, grind up your dry plant and put it in the flavored rolling papers. 

When you’re ready to taste it, press the natural corn husk filter at the top. With this function, your cones will taste their best when you’re ready to eat them.

Organic palm leaves in King Palm flavor

Made from organic palm leaves that have been carefully chosen by hand and washed with pure water. The process doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Each King Palm flavor is hand-wrapped and doesn’t have any tobacco in it. 

King Palm flavors leaves are strong and burn slowly. This leaf comes from a flowering tree in the family Cordia (Borage), which is native to the rainy woods of Singapore. King Palm flavors create more than 2,500 jobs, which helps Singapore be more sustainable.

Filter in King Palm flavors

The natural maize fiber filter is one of the best ways to filter water. It makes sure that no loose plants get through and that oils don’t get on your tongue. Because the King Palm flavors maize husk filter is flexible, each customer can hit their cone however they want. 

For example, they can bite down to get a closer, cooler hit every time they breathe. The King Palm flavors use only natural oils, so when you smoke them, they won’t give you any chemicals.

What is in the package?

When you place this order, you will get 4 mini-sized palm leaf cones that have been hand-rolled and come with a handle. Make your smoking session better and be the first of your friends to try King Palm flavor wraps. One of our pre-rolled cone covers is the perfect gift for a person who is one of a kind. Pick up a box of King Palm flavors pre-rolled cones for a gift that keeps on giving.

Free of chemicals – High-quality King Palm flavors

King palm flavor has no chemicals and no side effects. Some of the good qualities of king palm flavor are as follows:

  • Corn Husk without GMOs

Each King Palm flavor pre-roll comes with a special non-GMO maize fiber filter tip. By hand, each cone is made from one of these ends. Every time, they watch each effect perfectly to find the right breath.

  • Individual Flavor Experience

We give every King Palm flavors client full control over their taste experience. To start the taste, put the small stone into the filter. Because of this, terpenes will be released, which will make each hit taste better.

  • Unique approach

King Palm flavors have a different strategy. We take a unique approach to taste. The taste is all in the corn husk filter point. It doesn’t add anything to the Cordia leaf. A good taste is mixed into each bite in this way, making each one better. King Palm flavors Flavor’s Premium Flavor will make each session better.

  • Excellent Design

Each Cordia leaf is rolled by hand to make the perfect cone. The rolls keep their shape and strength throughout the whole workout without getting floppy. Pack your King Palm flavors using the rattan packaging handle that came with it when you bought it.

  • Wraps with good smells

We have a wide range of flower flavors that go well with the ingredients in your plant. At no point does anything extra get put into the cone. Just food-grade essential oils ingredients, please!

  • The best quality

No chemicals, paints, or glues that are bad for you are used to make King Palm flavors products. Only high-quality parts from all over the world are used to make our unique rolling goods.

  • A Flavor for Every Taste

We offer a wide range of seasoned cakes so that everyone can find a King Palm flavors flavor that they like. Each taste is tempting, delicious, and made with high-quality ingredients.


Flavors that are delicious are King Palm flavors pre-rolls and filter tips are very different from anything else on the market. Most of the flavors in rolling papers and wraps are either put on the paper directly or soaked in chemicals. 

This is not what you want to happen because those chemicals will burn along with the roll and add extra stuff to the session. Instead, we use food-grade essential oils to make quality flavored filter tips that give each breath a kick of flavor. We have flavors like Berry Terp, Banana Cream, Irish Cream, Vanilla Gold, Lemon Haze, and Magic Mint that will make your mouth water.