Aluminum PCB and its several applications in the modern world

When we talk about Aluminium PCB, it is a type of printed circuit board (PCB) which have a material that is conductive dielectric in the material. It is made of a thin layer. It is laminated with a metal base and is copper foil. Talking about its development, it was made in the year 1970. This is the year when the usage of metal was quite a dramatic scene. The increase in the metal increased this following year, and many applications of the metal took place. The other product that you can find with the aluminum metal is aluminum clad, aluminum base. The metal-clad printed circuit board and the insulated metal substrate are also made from aluminum. All of these have the same layout as that of PCB. The layer which is present in the Aluminium PCB is made of copper, solder mask, and silkscreen. 

It is also easy access to the PCB on both single and double sides.

Get to know more about the aluminum PCB

The aluminum PCB is the ultimate solution provider for all kinds of high-power app. It is also the solution to tight tolerance apps. All these offer a wide range of advantages.

  • Cost-effective- aluminium metal can be found in different varieties climates. So it does not take much time to mine and refine. The most interesting part is it gets manufactured at a very low cost if we compare it with other metals.
  • Environment-friendly – another advantage of choosing aluminium is that it is nontoxic. It means there is no chance of finding toxic material while using it. Even when you manufacture the Aluminium PCB, it will help you in conserving energy. This happens because it is very easy to assemble. Above that, you can also recycle the metal. It is your alternate step to save planet Earth.
  • Heat dissipation- all electronic items have the tendency of getting damaged when the temperature rises. So, it is very much necessary to use the material that can transfer the heat. As aluminium can dissipate more heat, so it is a good material for the entire vital component.

Get to know the structure.

The aluminum PCB consists of CCL material. It is mostly similar to FR4 PCBs structure. The aluminum PCB has 4 different layers. It has a copper foil layer, dielectric layer, and an aluminum base and aluminum base membrane layer. It also has an insulating layer and also consists of a metal substrate.

Where can you apply aluminum PCB?

You can apply the Aluminium PCB in different areas like audio equipment, power supply equipment, communication electronic devices, and computers. You can also use the Aluminium PCB in power modules, electronic control, and lamps and lighting.

It is very much advisable to store the aluminum PCB in a dark and dry environment. As most aluminum PCB is sensitive to moisture ad yellowing, so proper care should be taken. You should also store it from blackening. After opening the vacuum package, it is advisable to use it within 48 hours or 2 days.