Antique Furniture Stores: 3 Tips for Finding Your Best Option

Do you have a love for retro furniture? Are you tired of looking online for vintage furnishings that aren’t authentic?

When packing your vintage finds online, it can be hard to determine if what you see is real or produced for profit. And with so many stores to choose from, finding the best option for you can seem near impossible.

If you’re an enthusiast of antique furniture, then you’re probably always on the lookout for something unique to add to your home.

But how would you go about this?

Read on for our top three tips for finding the best antique furniture stores near you.

1. Ask About How the Piece Was Made

Antique furniture stores must ask about how the piece was made and why. This information can help to authenticate the piece and ensure that it is of high quality. If the antique store knows to answer these questions, then you’re at the right place.

Maker History

If you’re ever in the market for an antique piece of furniture, be sure to ask the store about the history of the piece. How was it made? Why is this crucial?

Knowing the history of a piece can help you determine whether it’s a good investment and better appreciate the piece.

Story of the Furniture

When you are talking to the store owner about a piece, they will be able to tell you the story of the furniture and how it was made. This is crucial information to have because it can help you determine the value of the piece and whether or not it is a good investment.

Repairs Done

The piece of furniture was made by a particular process or in a certain era, and this will usually dictate how it should be repaired. Many antique furniture stores like this online furniture from will ask customers how the piece was made and why this is important.

Often, customers do not know the answer to these questions, but the store staff will be able to tell by looking at the piece. This information is crucial in determining the best way to repair the piece so that it does not lose its value.

2. Find a Signature

An antique furniture store typically features furniture with a signature, which is a distinctive mark that indicates who made the piece.

This signature is crucial because it allows customers to easily identify the piece and determine its value. In some cases, the signature may be used to verify the authenticity of the piece and the store.

3. Check for Damages

The first way to check for damages is to look at the furniture. Inspect each piece for any scratches, dents, or other signs of wear and tear. This is the most basic way to check for damages, but it can be very effective.

Another way to check for damages is to use a black light. This will help you to see any damage that is not visible to the naked eye. It can help you avoid buying furniture that is not in pristine condition.

Find the Right Antique Furniture Stores

Wood furniture has a look, smell, and feel that is unique and different from any other type of furniture. When shopping for wood furniture, it is important to find a retailer that specializes in selling antique furniture.

Antique furniture stores typically have a large selection of wood furniture to choose from and are familiar with the different types of wood used in furniture making. They can offer advice on how to care for your wood furniture.

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