Are Educational Institutions Ready for the Next Big Surge?

Pandemics are undesirable events that affect people negatively. While pandemics have alerted educational institutions to plan for emergencies, COVID-19 disease has proven a serious challenge to students. However, most institutions have managed to address emerging issues of learners in many ways, enabling them to study even during the pandemic. Essentially, educational institutions are ready for the next big surge because they have adopted online teaching and learning models that have been in use since the pandemic began.

Center for Supporting Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet ended, meaning that most institutions have become used to online studies to minimize students’ and teachers’ interactions. For instance, San Jose State University’s Writing Center or has been some of the most reliable centers supporting students to study during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the institutions provide several free resources for helping students to become better writers. Therefore, SJSU and Wr1ter enable students to write their academic assignments better and engage them to date.

Educational Institutions Are Ready to Guide Students in Writing Their Assignments

Writing assignments is always stressful to students, which motivates the institution to support students always. The institution expects the surge due to emerging variants of the Coronavirus disease. However, similar to other institutions that have adopted virtual study modes, the institution supports students during the pandemic. Thus, due to the students’ demands, SJSU and other institutions are committed to helping students to learn how to write their academic works irrespective of whether there is a pandemic or not.

Educational Institutions Are Ready to Offer Virtual Support

The SJSU’s writing center offers limited in-person tutoring through appointments during the pandemic. However, the institution will continue to provide extensive online support in the subsequent years. This promise proves that the pandemic has not yet ended, which encourages most institutions to continue offering online services for students in need of writing support. Thus, whether there would be a surge or not, most institutions have successfully helped students, and they would continue to offer such services.

Types of Platforms

Most institutions have developed platforms for scheduled tutoring sessions, virtual workshops, and drop-in sessions available through live chats. With the introduction of such media, teachers and students can interact easily. In addition, such platforms are helpful when teachers and students cannot meet and talk during lockdowns and school closures. Thus, because such platforms still exist and have proven useful during the pandemic, tutoring and writing centers are prepared to continue offering online services should the pandemic persist or surge.

Success Due to the Use of Tutoring and Writing Centers

Key educational stakeholders have witnessed successes in using virtual educational platforms during disasters. Due to these successes, institutions are prepared to continue supporting students even when the pandemic persists. Essentially, most educational institutions have programs to help students access writing aid during their studies. Therefore, these successes show that schools are prepared to continue educational programs when there is a big surge.

In conclusion, SJSU has been one of the writing centers that has helped students learn how to write their academic assignments during the pandemic. This institution exemplifies the essence of using virtual writing centers. If the COVID-19 pandemic persists, institutions must tackle the challenges. Therefore, the adoption of virtual assistance platforms and the successes witnessed demonstrate that educational institutions would continue offering such services even when there is a big surge.

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