Arsenal Need Something Special


The 13-time FA Cup Champions Arsenal are looking truly out of the picture at the moment. Man City’s fantastic dominance (2-0) makes it wide clear that Arsenal need to do something special in order to make some positive international sports news.

The side from London are looking utterly lacklustre and have no particular mode to play on.

Indeed, some might say that the new boos Unai Emery needs time to make this squad out of this world. On the other hand, showing the playing class right from the start can help the club to shine on the multiple sports websites.

Against Pep Guardiola’s Man City, the North London side looked too afraid, and they were giving the Citizens more than ample chances to hit their defences.

There is no doubt that City are the best at present in terms of making fantastic recent sports news. Still, Arsenal do have too many quality players to hit the ground running against any opposition.

Ozil, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey and Lacazette are the quality players. Emery can use them all together to make top sports news as the players have all the skills to strike against any side.

Indeed, the Gunners have many problems that are hurting the fans a lot. However with the help of a good man management, they can make some fantastic international sports news.

Require a particular style 

Without having a particular way of playing, the three-time Premier League Champions can’t show their power on the sports websites.

Taking the reference of the game against City is suggesting that the brand new Arsenal manager wants to play the formation of 4-3-3 in order to make the Gunners a magnificent recent sports newsmaker.

However, this formation is not allowing them to play all of their top players. Because of playing the front three, Lacazette is going to miss the place in starting XI.

It means that Aubameyang will be all alone to score the goals. If Arsenal decide to play with two in midfield, then it will give them a chance to play both Aubameyang and Lacazette. With the effect of that, Aubameyang can play on the left-hand side (wing). It suggests the requirement of a winger will be too limited.

Need to aim top four

Right from the 2018-19 season, Arsenal should aim to enter in the top four of the PL. The International sports news will always follow Arsenal because of their fan power. However, showing positivity from the start will assist the North London side to make top sports news.

The multiple recent sports news are not in the favour of Arsenal but with the power of consistency, Arsenal can become the biggest international sports newsmaker after winning the PL title, which seems to be too hard.

To go with the flow

The best way to shine on the sports website is to play smartly in the domestic league. By making the side inside top four until the Christmas will definitely increase the chances of any side to play the Champions League in the coming season.

The Gunners can follow the same pattern and can address their fans happy after making a top sports news like this.

Should aim the title

Aiming the title will be key to success for Arsenal. The new head coach should make his player ready for any situation. It will encourage him to make Arsenal a prominent top four team.

The weapon of Europa League

In the brick-and-mortar world of Europa League, very few managers know how to make top sports news in the second European division.  Before joining PSG and Arsenal, Unai Emery had won the title three times with Sevilla.

Arsenal will play the Europa League this season and can face the abominable time of not being able to reach the first four spots. That what makes the 2018-19 Europa League so special for the Gunners.

Mikhitarian needs to show his worth

In the PL, Mikhitarian has never shown his right quality till yet. He is a type of player who can top international sports news with his performances.

In the Bundesliga, the Armenian international had shown his amazing skills, which attracted sports website to praise him heavily, before coming to England.

He is a born leader and owns all the abilities to make Arsenal a top attraction of recent sports news.

Fans should back the manager

The world-famous Arsenal fans should back their manager at any cost this season. There will be many lamentable moments to tackle this season. This is why the fans should heal the club to uplift the side again in order to execute crucial top sports news.

In the end, the patients will play the key to make Arsenal great again.

What do you think fans? 

How far are Arsenal from making top sports news? 

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