As Good As Gold: Understanding the Types of Gold Used for Jewelry

One of the most beautiful metals we have here on Earth is gold. Did you know that it’s also the only naturally yellow metal?

Being so desirable, it’s no secret that we’ve developed so many new ways to wear and use the metal. Since then, we’ve created many types of gold that are used each day.

Gold used in jewelry is one of the most popular ways to enjoy it, and you can see many different kinds of gold used in this way.

Let’s look at the types used in this article!


You’ve probably heard about gold coming in a few different karats. Most commonly, 10K, 14K, and 24K are what you’ll find.

24K gold means that the gold is pure. Of course, this also comes with its downsides. 24K gold being pure also means that it’s more susceptible to damage or manipulation.

It’s soft and easier to bend, meaning that it must be treated with care.

10K and 14K gold are mixed with alloy to create a stronger, yet even more affordable option that still gives off the same luster as 24K gold.

Colored Gold

You’ve probably heard of the many different colors that gold can have. Did you know that these colors are still considered to be real gold?

Similar to 10K and 14K gold, they are a mix of alloys that create these unique and gorgeous colors. Among the most popular colors is rose gold, which many love for its unique beauty.

To get this color, pure gold is mixed with copper to create the rose gold tone. Copper makes this type of gold even more durable so that it will last for many years to come.

In some forms of rose gold, silver is also used to bring out its color. Before buying this gorgeous type of gold, here’s what to know about rose gold.

Flash Plated

Another popular type of gold jewelry is flash plated. In short, this means that the jewelry is dipped or simply plated with gold. The inside is not pure gold in this case.

This makes the gold cheaper, and a little less durable. If it’s thickly plated, then it will last longer than gold that is thinly plated. It’s important to be careful when wearing this type, as it can wear down quite easily.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is similar to gold plated jewelry, although the gold is thicker. Underneath the plating is sterling metal which serves as the base for the gold.

The great thing about gold vermeil is that it’s much better at handling wear and tear. The thicker plating makes it that much more durable than flash plating.

An Overview of the Types of Gold

Now you have a good idea of the types of gold that are available. From choosing from different karats or choosing a gorgeous color such as rose gold, you can feel confident that you’re wearing the best of the best.

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