Automate your Valet and Parking Management

Valet parking software is a set of desktop and mobile application tools that enable a parking operator to increase revenue and simultaneously reduce labour and damage claims. And here comes uses valet parking systemsto deliver high-quality customer service. Some of its popular features are

  • Ticketless valet options
  • Photo-based vehicle damage inspections
  • PCI compliant credit card processing
  • Integrating with external software like PARCS, hotels and casino management systems.

Benefits of using Valet Parking Software Services

  • Parking Convenience for Customers- Through the use of valet software, customers can leave their car to a parking attendant instead of looking here and there for a spot to park. Valet attendants also won’t have a difficult time looking for a spot because everything is recorded in the software, and through this, they know exactly which spots are vacant. When parking is efficient, valet parking attendants can get back much quicker and serve more customers.
  • Enhanced Parking Security-It is because some customers do not like their cars to be handled by others because of security issues, especially with expensive vehicles. On the other hand, businesses are also quite aware of fraudulent customer claims. Through the software, the parking assistant can take a photograph before driving it away; this ensures that both customer and business is protected in case of damage.
  • Prompt Vehicle Retrieval-A remarkable benefit for valet parking software is the ease of car retrieval as here customers can download the valet parking application on their phone and use that to request their car even before they depart. The software can also be used to pay for parking so that on reaching, they drive without any hassle; some valet parking software solutions come with valet kiosks; these kiosks work just like the application and payment can be done by just scanning the barcode. 
  • Paperless- Printing tickets cost money and wastage; initially, the cost may seem insignificant, but with time, you will realize how much money could be saved using valet software; also, it puts up the image of a ‘Green’ establishment. Through valet software, customers will receive an e-ticket through which they can make payment for their parking and ask the attendants to retrieve the vehicle for them.
  • Efficient performance tracking-Traditional valet parking requires tracking each valet attendant; this kind of performance takes a lot of time. A valet parking software can generate reports and track each valet attendant’s performance, which can be updated in real-time that can be accessed anywhere. Moreover, it can also track each valet attendant’s location, especially when a valet is sent to retrieve a customer’s vehicle.

Investing in a valet parking system software is a need of the hour, especially if you want to attract customers to physical stores. While coming to physical stores, their main problem arises regarding parking. An efficient medium of valet parking system software is needed for effective guidance and transparency between customers, employees and the product, and CVPS solutions aim to provide a first-class solution and sincerely understand the valet parking business and provide users with a unique experience.