Avaline – The Best Organic Wine Brand of 2020

Most people assume that wine being marketed as “organic” is truly organic. But the truth is far from being so simple. In actuality, the lack of regulation and oversight allows wine producers to market just about any wine as “organic” or “natural.” There’s little to no legal definition to these terms, so they can be employed by anyone.

Most of the wine we consume contains over 70 chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and other harmful components. The introduction of chemicals is done for various reasons, such as increasing the wine’s shelf life, killing certain invasive species during the production process, and other reasons. Whatever the reason, it leads to a wine that’s far from just fermented grapes.

That’s a sad and frankly horrifying discovery that Cameron Diaz (yes, that Cameron Diaz) came across on a recent trip across vineyards in Europe.

You see, Cameron enjoys a healthy lifestyle — she enjoys simple yet delicious foods that are organically prepared, sustainable, and healthy. She treats her body as a temple, introducing foods that are free from preservatives and chemicals. It struck her as truly bizarre that the wine she had been drinking all her life wasn’t, in fact, just fermented grapes (learn more about different type of wine grapes), but a mixture of numerous chemicals and pesticides.

“When your mouth turns purple from drinking red wine? That’s not natural. That’s a coloring called Mega Purple,” Diaz says. “People just assume the wine they’re drinking is vegan. Most wines are not — they’re filtered through either egg whites or fish bladder lining.” During her educational tour of European vineyards, she truly learned the difference between organic wine and the label wine you find in more liquor stores.

And that’s how Avaline, the best organic wine brand of 2020, came into being.

Avaline is a completely vegan, organic, and delicious brand of wine created by Cameron Diaz in partnership with Katherine Power, a friend she met through her sister-in-law Nicole Richie. Cameron Diaz brings the passion and fire into the project — she can talk for hours about soil composition and microbiology. And Katherine Power brings the entrepreneurial insight and experience, ensuring Cameron Diaz’s ideals and ambitions remain sensible from a business point of view.

Together, Diaz and Power have produced a luxurious brand of truly organic and vegan wine that’s also sensible.

Cameron Diaz is particularly sensitive to the fact that the lack of regulation in the industry prevents transparency. However, she wants to upend that with Avaline Wine, which she intends to keep completely transparent. Each Avaline bottle of wine bears a label clearly listing all the ingredients — you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. This ensures that Diaz and power remain faithful to their original vision and provide us with organic wine that is truly, well, organic!

So… now that you’re pumped about finally getting a wine that’s actually healthy for you, perhaps you’re wondering where you can get your hands on a bottle. As of now, Diaz has only given distribution rights to a few trusted vendors. But you can also order a bottle of wine from the website — choose the color, variety, and style to get your very own