Like the rest of the world, early learning in Melbourne focuses on practical learning and leans on natural methods. From the time Maria Montessori opened the world’s first Montessori school in the 1900s, her plans have been the foundation of early educational practices. This method of teaching has thrived only because of the merits of its results.

Choosing an early learning program has numerous benefits in store for a child. The curriculum is centred on specially paced learning for each child, fostering independence and a passion for learning.

Research has shown that Montessori students evolve to become more confident, self-guided, and enthusiastic learners. These skills will prove to be invaluable in the 21st century.

How are the Results Achieved?

Schools that cater to early learning in Melbourne emphasize five areas of study. Practical life, Math, Language, Sensorial and Cultural Studies.

How does it help in Practical Living?      

Children learn everyday habits and skills like getting dressed, preparing snacks, setting the table, and caring for other organisms (plants, animals, etc.)

 They also learn how to engage in appropriate social interactions. Saying please, thank you, being respectful, helpful, kind, and listening without interrupting are all essential foundational skills that the children learn.

Peacefully resolving conflicts is a valuable lesson that young children need to learn early on. In addition to teaching all these skills, practical lessons also include imbibing independence and developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Individualized Attention:

Each child is a valued student. Children do not learn if they are not given heed or respected. They need to be treated depending on their temperament. Montessori curriculum recognizes the different learning paces and styles in children.

It is a system that accommodates different learning styles. The children are free to learn at their pace, each developing as and when he/she is ready. In this process, the teacher guides them with learning plans.

Start Young:

Catching them young has lasting implications. Montessori training develops concentration, order, independence, and curiosity at an early stage, thereby, solidifying their results.

 The purposely designed classrooms, learning materials, and daily routines help the student in self-regulation. It is the ability to think and educate oneself.

Community Building:

Children are part of a close-knit community. Typically the multi-age setup spanning over two-three years reflects a family structure. Older students are given a feeling of responsibility and become mentors to younger children. The latter feel supported and confident to face the challenges. Teachers model the values of respect, kindness, and conflict resolution within the classroom, which leave a lasting impression on the children. The lessons will stay with them for a lifetime.

Regulated Freedom:

 Children deserve to have fun as that is the age to do so. Adults cannot and should not entirely restrict their creative and imaginative output.

Montessori expects students to enjoy their freedom, although within limits. Working within the given parameters, they learn to be self-thinking and focussed leaders.

Encourages Curiosity and Self-learning:

There is no learning that can happen without an amount of curiosity. Children should be encouraged to have passion for what they learn. They become active seekers of knowledge when guided appropriately.

Teachers create environments where the children feel comfortable to pursue the answer to their questions. A sense of internal satisfaction can be a potential driving force in giving sustainable results.


Proper early education is preparing a child for growth. Every child has a different outlook on living. Each child deserves valued attention for them to bloom into the person they deserve to be. Given the right training and guidance, they can become self-thinking adults that help society at large.

Author bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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