Benefits of instagram promotion

Instagram promotion is when a business or individual has an instagram account and shares their posts on other social media, usually with hashtags. This will typically increase an individual’s following, likes and comments as well as engagement rates with the posts. If done correctly it can result in increased traffic to the page as well. Instagram promotion is not just for brands or companies like advertisers do on facebook and twitter, you can use this strategy to get more followers for your personal Instagram account too! When done properly Instagram promo can lead to more likes, follows and earnings than paid advertising techniques alone.

Benefits of instagram promotion

Here are a few benefits of instagram promotion that you can get by using hashtag marketing in your posts:

1. Increase engagement rates and following with your insta account

Instagram is a great way to promote your personal brand, business or products by sharing images, videos or short vlogs. One of the best way to get more out of it is to use the right type of hashtags so that you will have your post seen by a larger audience. When you do that, you will also increase engagement rates on your posts and earn more followers in doing so.

2. Increase traffic to your website

Instagram promotion is beneficial because it can lead to increased traffic to your website or blog if your post is picked up and shared by someone with a large following base. This usually happens when you share something which strikes a chord with people in general and they just want to share it with the others. The more people that see your post, the more chance for it to be shared. In turn your website will get more traffic and become more popular. The more traffic you get, the more chances that your website will get an increase in traffic in the future.

3. Build direct audience for your products or services

Instagram promotion is a good way to reach out to your target market, build trust and credibility with them. It can also lead to more conversions depending on the niche you are involved in. For example, if you are a fitness coach, Instagram promotion can help you gain more clients and build a network of customers for you business. You can also promote your business with hashtags and make sure that you include it in the title of your posts.

4. Create brand awareness and a wider community

The most important benefit of Instagram promotion is that it helps you build your brand awareness within a wider community. It is quite easy to develop a large following when you have joined an Instagram group, but by going organic, you will have more followers in the future as well. By posting quality posts and getting natural engagement with them, people will see what kind of services or products you offer and become loyal to your cause. That will help in making them a part of your tribe, thus growing the fanbase for your brand name further.

5.. Get higher search engine optimization

By targeting the right hashtags you can also get a higher search engine optimization for your website or blog. It is all about getting the right kind of followers and engaging with them so that you can develop a genuine community for your brand. You do not want to use irrelevant tags in your posts, just try to show them what real users think about your products or services and that will slowly help you get on top of the search results.

6. Save time

By using Instagram promotion you can avoid going to other social media such as Facebook and twitter. You can use instagram to promote your posts and share them directly from your account. This will make you save time because you will no longer have to go through the hassle of taking a screenshot of your post, then sharing it on other channels which may lead to missing engagements. Not only that, but you can also save time when it comes to sharing posts on all the other social media platforms too.

7. Save money

Instagram promotion does not cost a lot and is quite cheap when compared to other marketing techniques. All you need is an Instagram account and a few hashtags to promote your posts. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for the same amount of traffic you would by paying for paid advertising. This will let you get more customers for the same amount of money. It can also help save you from making costly mistakes because it will cost a lot less than ineffective attempts at getting traffic from other channels such as advertisements on adwords or facebook ads.

8. Improve your brand image

.Your brand image is also improved because your posts will appear as a top story in the instagram suggestions, which lets you get more exposure to your followers. People who click on the stories will end up visiting your profile and following you, which will in turn make you popular. When they visit your profile they might even follow other people who you are subscribed too. This will lead to more followers for you and improve your business by showing a positive brand value for others to see.

9. Make more money

You can use Instagram promotion to promote any kind of goods or services that you offer through an advertising or affiliate marketing type of approach. You can also use the hashtags to generate more revenue. Hashtags are a great way to promote your products because users like to discover new products which they can get. This will drive more customers and make you earn more money through your business.

10. Increase productivity

Instagram is very user friendly and it is easy to use, this make way for you to save time when promoting posts or sharing them with your friends on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. You do not have to take a lot of technical skills in order to promote posts or manage an instagram account.


Instagram promotion is not only beneficial because it helps you to build a larger audience. It can also help in improving your brand image. While it is a positive thing, it can have some negative effects as well, such as having more public followers giving away the privacy of you and your company on the internet. It has been reported that over 50% of the Instagram accounts are fake in nature, which means that it is very easy for others to impersonate your profile by using a fake user name and following you. It has also been noticed that there are over 80 million inactive accounts that are propped up by bots and spammers.