The Best Business to Start in Ras al Khaimah

UAE is working on its business sector to a great extent. Due to this initiative, a lot of business activities have been opened for the people. Not just that it has created business opportunities for the business set up in Ras al Khaimah for UAE nationals as well as non-nationals as well. People are finding the business sector in UAE more appealing than in any other place of the world due to so many facilities and opportunistic business ground.

Business-friendly laws

Business-friendly laws are the reason why people are finding UAE more exciting for the business setups. The policies made by the government are not complicated at all which has made the business set up easier for the people. Now you can also start your business set up in Ras al Khaimah without having to go through any complications.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone

It is also one of the free zone entity which has easy business policies made by the government which makes it easier for people to start their business here.


Location plays a huge role in attracting people towards business setups. RAK is just an hour away from international airport, Dubai. This can also be considered as the reason behind its success.


People can have different licenses including the commercial, industrial or service licenses according to the service type.


The facilities provided to the business setups in Ras al Khaimah are up to the mark. You will get to have a great business environment and you will be able to interact with others really easily.

100% ownership

You will not require any local sponsor for RAK business setup as you will be able to have 100 per cent ownership here. This is another huge benefit of RAK FTZ.

Profit repatriation

You will get to lower your overhead costs as you get full Profit repatriation

Businesses to start in RAK FTZ


Security business

This business can get progress because of huge security concerns for the infrastructure of UAE. This will help the people in staying in a safe and secure environment.

Digital marketing

You will not be needing huge assets for digital marketing assets. All you would be needing for digital marketing is talented individuals to work for you with all of their heart and soul.

Arts and crafts

To make the whole world admire your efforts, it would be a good option to start a business of arts and crafts.

Consulting firm

It would be a good option too. this is because when the people from all around the world will consider RAK FTZ as an option for their new business set up, they will reach you out for getting consultation services. This would be of a huge benefit for you and for the business setups as well. People will consult you and with that, you will be able to earn plenty of money.

Start your business in RAK FTZ and enjoy the perks all around the clock. For more information click here.