Best Ideas to Win Your Guests’ Hearts this Holi

Holi is just around the corner, and we can see little kids running here and there with water-filled balloons and teasing each other. Holi’s joyous occasion brings many fun and amusing moments and lets adults reminisce about childhood. The streets are flooded with kids running around, throwing water balloons, and screaming, “Bura Naa Maano Holi Hai”. The shops are jam-packed with colourful balloons, water guns, Gujiyas, Pichkaris, and, most importantly, Gulaals. 

The colourful and joyful Holi occasion is celebrated with immense pleasure and utmost zeal and enthusiasm. People also use organic flowers to make Holi colours because they want to make everything perfect. The festival brings a sense of elation, positive vibes, celebratory spirits, and a boatload of fun. The occasion has its roots in the ancient era, which is why it is still celebrated with utmost sincerity by following all the rituals and customs during the first day of Holi, i.e., Holika Dahan. The second day of Holi is celebrated with people splashing colours or Gulaal over their loved ones and indulging in fun-filled frolics. So, in this space, we will talk about some exotic ideas that are perfect for you to have a blasting celebration. Meeting with guests and greeting them with Holi gifts have always been a tradition, which is why you will need these ideas to win their hearts and leave a lasting impression. Continue reading to find the best ideas for a grandiose Holi celebration and have blissful, fun-filled, and cherished moments for eternity.

Level Up the Invitations

If you are planning to host a Holi party at your home or backyard, then the first thing your guest would notice is the invitations. So, ensure that your invitations reflect the fun and enjoyment they are going to have after coming to the party. You can send physical cards filled with colourful prints and Holi-centric pictures or opt for e-cards. Sending virtual invitations will also allow you to play with animated gifs and videos. Your Holi invitation should reflect positive and fun-filled enthusiasm.

Welcome Drinks

When your guests arrive, make sure that you welcome them with colourful drinks. It is optional to use hard beverages; you can always play with mocktails, as they will add more colours. Alternatively, thandai or a bit of Bhaang would be a perfect option to welcome the guests with drinks, as thandai and bhaang are the traditional Holi beverages. If kids are going to be present at the party, then ensure a limited amount of Bhaang is served.

Holi-Centric Music

Prepare a playlist that has all Holi-centric songs. Bollywood has given tonnes of songs that are perfect for such occasions. You can also incorporate Punjabi music, Hindi party music, and so on. Play the songs at full volume, shake a leg, and have the perfect and fun-filled time with your loving guests. You can also invite a Dhol wala, as Dhol beats enhance the overall party mood.

Bollywood Theme Party

When it comes to parties, Bollywood has always been the most iconic theme. You can inform your guests while sending invitations that they have to come dressed up as their favourite Bollywood celebrity. You can also recreate a scene from a movie to have a perfectly amusing Holi party. For instance, You can recreate the whole Holi-centric Balam Pichkari song from the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, and rest assured; your guests will have a booming experience.

A Lip-Smacking Feast

Your guests would expect some droolsome delicacies, and as a host of a fun party, you must offer delightfully delicious snacks and meals to your guests. You can either get homemade food or order from outside, play around with recipes, incorporate different regional foods, and so forth. Your Holi food menu will only be complete with Gujiyas, so ensure you get syrupy Gujiyas in desserts.

Gifts and Goodies

Are you inviting your loved ones over and sending them back empty-handed? Noooo!! Holi is a joyous occasion, and the celebrations become memorable when celebrated with utmost happiness. You can always express your gratitude to your guests for coming to the party with impeccable Holi hampers. The assorted hampers and combos will surely make the guests delightful and tickle their hearts.

Organic Gulaal Aur Phoolon ki Holi

Everyone loves to have a safe and sound Holi celebration, and these days, many companies are making synthetic Gulaal that is harmful to our skin and has allergic properties. As a host, you must ensure that you get organic, herbal, and aromatic Gulaal that won’t make your guests uncomfortable or sick. Alternatively, you can also organise a Phoolo ki Holi, and for that, get tonnes of marigold flowers! 

Wrapping Up

There you have a perfect list of ideas to have a blasting Holi celebration and win your beloved guests’ hearts with your impeccable hospitality. Spread the colours of love to your dearest people’s lives this Holi and have a delightful experience.