Best Places to Host a Golf Tournament in Tasmania, Australia

Ah, the bright greens, a gentle breeze, and the sun glaring down while the flags gently ripple. Is there anything better than spending a day on the golf course? Fortunately, Tasmania is home to lots of elegant, stunning, challenging courses. Here are some of the best options for a golf tournament this year! 

Barnbougle Dunes

Located in Bridport, this is ideal for those who want to position their tournament next to the coast. Running along the shore, this is the most challenging seaside course you’re likely to find. As players travel through the dunes, some holes are 100 feet high, and the coastal breeze will provide an added element for all players. Typically, this breeze starts in the west. What does this mean? Playing into the wind – only the best players will sit atop the leaderboard at the end. 

Country Club Tasmania 

Of course, golf tournaments aren’t just about the course because you also need advanced facilities…this is exactly what you’ll find with Country Club Tasmania. Combining great golfing experiences with supreme facilities, you have everything you need at this location. Whether a charity or business event, the events team will cater to your needs and ensure that the day goes smoothly. Depending on your needs, Country Club Tasmania can also offer an eatery with a delicious menu, hotel facilities, and lots more besides. 

King Island 

If you like to get back to basics with golf, King Island is one of your best options. As a small, simple links course, the history of King Island spans back to the late 1930s and people from all over have been enjoying the holes ever since. Though not the biggest course, it still has three par fives and twelve par fours. 

Like with Barnbougle Dunes, you’ll play around the coast and struggle against the wind. However, this dynamic doesn’t take away the enjoyment of the whole experience. 

Cape Wickham 

On one review website, Cape Wickham is the second-most-popular course in Tasmania (behind Barnbougle Dunes) and the fifth-most-popular course in all of Australia. Therefore, it’s not one to ignore this year. Again, we’re heading to King Island but this time to the Bass Strait. After Duncan Andrews (a businessman) purchased the land, Mike DeVries (an architect from the United States) designed the links and constructed the course. 

While the first five holes travel around the coast, players then move inland with beautiful outcrops and hills providing a stunning backdrop. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything there is to see from Cape Wickham, the course saves the best until last for a magnificent hole 18. 

Choosing Your Venue 

After these four locations, you should also research Barnbougle Lost Farm, Royal Hobart, Ocean Dunes, Ulverstone, and Devonport. How do you choose a location for a golf tournament? Firstly, you need to think about the needs of everybody involved. How will everybody get to the tournament? Is it accessible for participants? 

Secondly, consider the resources and facilities available at the location. As you saw, Country Club Tasmania is one of the best for this because they have a dedicated team for events. After contacting the club, they will help you to host the best tournament possible. 

Naturally, you’ll also want to read online reviews and compare how each location fits into your budget. To get started, look further into the suggestions in this guide, and don’t be afraid to speak to different venues about how they can help your tournament!