Best tips to prepare class 12 English Grammar.

The syllabus of class 12 does not have a separate grammar section but it is very important to focus on the topics mentioned. But being familiar with common topics of Grammar will help you to score well in the  Here are some of the essential topics of Grammar that you can improve while preparing so that you can give answers without any grammatical error in the exam. These topics have to be learnt properly and with proper focus. Remember your answers will be impressively and presentable only if it is grammatically correct.  Grammar is an important ingredient in the language and without that your answers or any article is incomplete.

The topics are Gap Filling, Tenses, Clauses, Modals, Active and Passive Voice, Sentence re-ordering, Dialogue Completion, Sentence Transformation, Determiners.

The rules in Grammar are very significant because they represent a lot of language positions and give you the learning you can then apply to many meanings. Learning grammar is not easy but if practised properly it is easy and also you can score a very high score if your answers are grammatically correct.

You can also take some tests to evaluate your grammatical skills. This will help you to analyze your strengths and weakness in the topics.

If you want to acquire Grammar well you should first know a  wagyu should know a comprehensive presentation of every grammatical rule and the punctuation.

Practice unseen passages and essays. Select some topics and write. Once you have written it read it aloud so you might catch up with some wrong sentences. One more method is you can make someone else read the topic.

Your answers can be presentable when you use the topics like nouns, adjectives, adverbs, determiners, verbs & verb tenses, speech, punctuation, and relative clauses correctly. This can be learned perfectly when you practice and follow the rules.


You also should make a regular habit to read the newspaper and the magazine reading which will help in improving the vocabulary skills which is very important to be perfect in the language. Make note of the new words when you read the newspaper and pay attention to the sentences framed and written.

Try referring to good grammar books can be more helpful as they give a detailed description of the topics and you can learn in a better way. Grammar is just like mathematics the more you practice you will be more perfect.

All of these sources can be used by students as the precepts are clearly explained in simple language. It is a good idea to use distinctive grammar websites when you want to review the rules.

Designing your own example sentences with each rule helps you really conjecture the rules before proceeding on to exercises. See the examples furnished after the rules and then try to come up with your own sentences. 

Start practising the writing and use the grammar that you have learned and pay attention to the punctuation.

When you are confident of one topic then only move to the next one. Some of the important tips to be taken care of is understanding, reading examples, creating your own examples, practice as much as possible.  

Practising grammar is not always an easy process. When you get the doubt go back to the rules and check. Often it might be confusing.

Don’t get worried or demotivated when you do mistakes. When you make mistakes you learn better.

You can start evaluating your grammar with online tests with different topics and know how far you have learnt. Learning grammar is nothing but thorough practice and following the rules.

When you write an article or an essay let someone else do the proofreading for you. When we read our own article we might not come across the mistake.

After you have found your mistakes, don’t forget to mark them so you can learn from them. Keep all of your errors together in one place and read them regularly. This will stop you from making identical mistakes over and over again. Every error gives you the opportunity to develop your grammar knowledge.

Solve the grammar exercises whenever you get time. Make sure to dedicate a specific amount of time to the grammar.

Whenever you are learning a new topic prepare the notes with important rules to be followed. When you write you will remember and learn in a much better way.

When you are well versed with grammar it will very useful even in the future as well. Your writing and also your speech will be very presentable. When you speak correctly your confidence level increases. The more you spend time on grammar you will soon reach the level of perfection. Be consistent and regular.

Some more important tips for grammar.

Reading – When you read you will be familiar with the sentence formation and also you will know how the words are put together.

Good Grammar Book- Referring to a good grammar manual is always useful. You will get the proper information on the important topics and how and when you can use them.

Read loudly-  When you read loudly you as well listen. When you listen you learn better. You can make others listen to you when you read or let others read your article.

writing- Practice writing articles and paragraphs. While writing you will get the practice of the proper punctuation.

Class 12 English both literature and grammar are important essences if you want your answers to be well framed and impressive.

You can score full marks in class 12 only if you have good grammatical skills. So practice and make a daily routine to spare some time for grammar. You can add to the schedule so you will practice every day Just how you practice and solve mathematics.

Following the above simple methods will help in the improvement of the grammar and also literature skills.

For further details and learning the writing skills, you can refer to the Syllabus of English Core CBSE Class 12.