Best Way to Weave Your Lace Front Wigs

Lace fronts are strands that are added to increase the length or enhance your hairstyle. Possible you wonder why the actor spends too much money on hair. Well, many of the actors and fashion divas change their looks by weaving their lace fronts. It works to highlight the many styles they have to their hair. Every woman can try the class since it is not limited to certain celebrities. Here’s how you weave your lace front wig.

There are only two types of popular hair wigs, the synthetic and human hair wig. As the name suggests, human hair is manufactured from human hair. The synthetic is made of fiber and some mixture of animal hair. The human hair is ideal for the best weaving outcome giving you an organic or natural appearance.  

When you purchase human hair, it is considered to have the same maintenance as your hair. It is recommended that you should condition your half wigs to prevent the hair from sticking together. However, there is a need to use quality wig shampoos and hair condition oils for a shiny and attractive wig.

Synthetic lace fronts and full wigs are less expensive compared to human wigs. However, it isn’t easy to make a difference unless you feel the textures of human and synthetic hair. Also, the differentials appear when styling. The synthetic wigs cannot style using a hairdryer. They are the best choice if you look forward to changing your daily look with minimum spending frequently.

For you to weave hair wigs, there are several techniques to choose.

Clipping your hair wig

Separate your lace front wigs and hair right from the nape of your neck up. Select the desired volume you need and then clip on the hair strands. Open the clips and ensure they snap next to your scalp.

Weaving is composed of tiny braids. There form numerous threads creating a track along with the braided lace front hair wig. The best braids require medium to thick human lace fronts hair. You can consider blending in your hair. However, weaving can stress your natural hair because the tight braids build tension on the scalp. Once you have braided the wig and natural hair, be extra careful while bathing or swimming.

Sealed lace front wigs

You will section your hair and plait in the wig. You will need a bonding agent to seal in the lace fronts. It is easy and estimated to last for about four months before redoing it. However, it is a bit hectic and will require a stylist to help you act.


 It is an optional way to weave hair extensions. You will form strands of hair and then cover it with warm protein glue. Use a plastic template to separate glued strands. After gluing the strands together, you will pull the lace front hair through a hole inside the plastic template. Wait till it dries. When choosing to buy lace fronts, choose Nadula Human Hair. We offer quality wigs at competitive prices. We have a variety of lace wigs, all selling at discounted prices. Click here to place your order today.