Body Jewelry: Types and Styles

Simply wearing a dress can sometimes dull your look and not make it stand out; thus, accessories are necessary to give your outfit that sparkle. There is no better accessory than body jewelry to compliment your dress. 

Being a rising trend, body jewelry not only makes your body look more attractive but will also give your outfit a trendier look. Silver, acrylic, and gold body jewelry are all very common nowadays. Available in many different types, styles, and patterns, body jewelry can offer you a number of different looks. However, before you buy body jewelry for yourself, you should understand the basics and the different types of body jewelry that are available out there. 

Benefits of wearing body jewelry 

Body jewelry sure makes a person look more beautiful and attractive, but it also has a lot of other hidden benefits that are not often discussed. However, these benefits of body jewelry are not only limited to looks since it offers mental, sexual, and biological benefits. Here we have made a list and description of the benefits of wearing body jewelry. 

  • A form of expression: 

While body jewelry surely is a great form of fashion, many also use it as a form of expression. People all over the world use body jewelry to express themselves. With a list of different body piercings, people choose the ones that they think correctly describe their personality. Other times, people use different body piercings and designs to show their affiliation to a particular religion, fan base, or a place. 

  • Increases confidence:

Reports have suggested that people, after they started wearing body jewelry, noticed an increase in their self-confidence and found themselves to be more confident in different situations. 

  • Increases sexual stimulation: 

Body jewelry like nipple or belly piercings is reported to increase your sexual stimulation by several percentages while also increasing the amount of sensation you feel. These piercings also make you look more attractive to your partner. 

The different types and styles of body jewelry

Body jewelry can be branched into a lot of different types of jewelry, each of which decorates your body in different ways. Each of these body jewelry types has its own purpose and significance that you must understand.

  • Barbells: 

Barbells are amongst the most common type of body jewelry out there. Shaped like a barbell, this piece of jewelry has a metal rod attached with metal balls at both sides. While people usually prefer to use barbells for their tongues, it is seldom used for the lips. 

  • Curved barbell belly ring: 

The Belly Button ring is one of the most attractive pieces of body jewelry out there. Usual designs of body jewelry include curved barbells. These pieces of jewelry are inserted through the skin and are placed above the belly button. Being complicated, the belly ring should be bought from a trusted store such as itshot jewelry, and the piercing should be done by a professional. 

  • Captive bead ring: 

The captive bead ring is probably the most famous piece of body jewelry out there. The reason behind its high usage is the number of places it could be used in. Shaped in a circle, the captive bead ring has a small ball in its middle. This ball is held by the two ends of the ring, making these easy to put on and off. 

Captive bead rings are used by people at a lot of different places, with the most common one being the ear lobes, cartilage, nipple, lips, and nose. 

  • Labret: 

The Labret for many different things such as cartilage, helix, lip, conch, and nose, looks similar to a barbell; it, however, has a ball at only one end, whereas the other end is flat. This flattened end allows for the labret to comfortably settle inside the nose, mouth, and gum without irritating the person using it. 

  • Industrial barbell:

Being one of the longest kinds of barbell, the industrial barbell makes two piercings in the ear and connects both of them together, giving you an eye-catching look. The industrial barbell is usually placed around the ear rim but is sometimes used on lips. 


Being one of the boldest and most attractive fashion types out there, body jewelry surely is one great way to enhance your looks and add complementary touches to your outfits. Be it a serious formal or a fun casual look. Body jewelry surely adds life to your look. 

With a deep understanding of body jewelry and its styling, you will surely start to understand the body jewelry that suits you the best. We hope that we were a help in making you understand the different types of body jewelry available out there.