Bringing Smart Construction Equipment to the Next Level

Technology impacts all aspects of life, with many industries’ modernization efforts forever altering how companies do business. Today, smart construction equipment is showing up everywhere, with more changes anticipated soon. Is your business staying up to date by taking advantage of smart technology?

Following the Latest Trends

Construction equipment traditionally required operators trained in their operation. Today, finding qualified operators is forcing contractors everywhere to explore different options. In addition, human operators are expensive. Wages, benefits, and other expenses associated with hiring employees limit profits in a sector that’s already highly competitive. That’s why smart construction equipment from a Columbus Equipment Company is shaping the industry’s future.

What is the Definition of Smart Construction Equipment?

The definition of smart construction equipment is evolving as the technology itself changes. However, a basic definition would include machinery capable of autonomous or semi-autonomous operation. In other words, the need for an operator is minimized due to the application of sophisticated technology. For example, driverless construction equipment is increasingly common worldwide as companies seek new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Real-World Applications in Place Today

As most people already know, the Internet of Things, or IoT, uses networks of sensors to communicate between machines and send that data to a hub. In the construction industry, tracking and monitoring equipment make identifying issues far easier. That data makes it possible to predict failures and allows users to sideline equipment for maintenance.

At the same time, equipment monitors track efficiency. For example, when fuel consumption increases, those monitors will sense the increased use and relay the data so employees can take corrective measures.

Looking to the Future

Today, driverless equipment is already in use, but the applications are limited. As the technology is improved, driverless vehicles will undoubtedly become common for a much broader set of users.

As autonomous vehicle and construction equipment use increases, productivity will rise. Critics point out that jobs will be lost, but there is already a shortage of workers, and that shortage is likely to worsen in the future. That means construction companies using smart equipment will enjoy advantages competitors may not see.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Construction Equipment

Of course, anyone paying attention to the problems the auto industry is having as it moves toward driverless cars will suspect the construction industry will face problems implementing the use of smart equipment. So, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages that are anticipated.

  • Affordability. Smart equipment won’t be free. Industry experts are concerned that many companies won’t have the resources to purchase autonomous construction equipment. That’s a valid concern, but the expectation is that costs will decrease somewhat as the technology becomes mainstream.
  • Availability. As the auto industry is already experiencing, the move to autonomous vehicles won’t happen overnight. Vehicle production will undoubtedly start slowly. The availability of parts and assembly facilities will impact how quickly new smart equipment is produced.
  • Efficiency. On the advantage side, overall efficiency should increase as the AI used for the smart equipment is less prone to mistakes than human counterparts. In addition, smart equipment doesn’t need the weekends off.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact. The use of ICE-equipped equipment is likely to decline as part of today’s environmental movement, and the electrification of construction equipment should also increase as a component of the movement to smart equipment.

Many current predictions are speculation, but the fact remains that smart construction equipment is already here, and utilizing that equipment will impact construction companies in the future.

Start Your Journey Toward Modernization Today

If you’re considering ways to move your construction company to the next level, smart equipment should be at the top of your list. For more information, contact a forward-thinking equipment dealer today.