Budget-Friendly Options For Travelers: How is Halong Bay Cruise Price?

Halong Bay Cruise price is the secret for you to have the most complete trip to this destination. Just choose a suitable price and you and your family can enjoy the most convenient services. Without making you wait too long, Paradise Vietnam would like to introduce to our customers the best Halong Bay Cruise prices.

Halong Bay Day Cruises – Paradise Delight 

Day cruises at Halong Bay are a perfect choice for busy travelers. Especially for tourists who have limited time but still want to see the wonderful Halong Bay. A day cruise named Paradise Delight tour can give you an overview of the Bay.

You can have the reference from this Paradise Delight 7-hour itinerary: 

  • At 9:30 am you can start sightseeing, which means you may have to leave Hanoi at 06:00 am. However, you’ll have plenty of time to do the 8-hour cruise and see the sights. In addition, you can explore tourist attractions and enjoy the journey like traveling overnight. For a long time, private boats were often rented by tourists to explore for long periods. Nowadays, an interesting tour lasting 8 hours is not a bad choice.
  • The tour starts at 06:00 am with a shuttle bus at your hotel in Hanoi and ends at 08:30 pm
  • A boat ride from 09:30 pm to 5:00 pm, cruise by Route: Thien Cung Cave – Ga Choi Islet – Sung Sot Cave – Titop Island – Afternoon Tea – Cooking class
  • The tour includes lunch, and exploring caves on a bamboo boat is also included in one day cruise itinerary to Halong Bay
  • Departure from Tuan Chau international port

You will have the opportunity to visit the most famous places at the Halong Bay Cruise. Besides, you will also participate in many other new activities. Such as boating activities, exploring caves, admiring limestone islands, etc.

Halong Bay Cruise 2 days and 1 night/3 days and 2 nights with Paradise Elegance Cruise

When it comes to Halong Bay overnight cruises, visitors should definitely experience the service at Paradise Vietnam with a 5-star rating. You will have two options for the overnight cruise on the Halong Bay with Paradise Luxury Cruise: 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. Whether staying for one or two nights on the bay, visitors will feel like they are staying in a floating hotel with full modern amenities.

Besides day tours, you will enjoy the full range of port services at night. Such as enjoying premium wine, having a high-class buffet dinner, cooking lessons with a professional chef, going squid fishing at night, listening to music, kayaking, cave tours, etc.

Overnight Cruise – The best time to see Halong sunset and sunrise

At Halong Bay, tourists will enjoy gourmet cuisine, spa massage services, and nightly entertainment programs. These are all great activities that visitors can experience on a 5-star cruise or Paradise Vietnam.

This is the Paradise Elegance’s itinerary to perfectly explore Halong Bay:

  • Day 1:The first day of the Halong cruise begins with a visit to the Tung Sau pearl farm, where guests can learn about the process of pearl cultivation and see how the pearls are harvested. A mesmerizing day cruise through Halong Bay and discover the enchanting charm of Viet Hai Village, nestled amidst lush greenery and surrounded by stunning limestone karsts. After the pearl farm, guests have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay by kayak. This is a great way to get up close to the limestone cliffs and discover hidden lagoons and bright caves. 
  • Day 2:The second day of the overnight cruise begins to visit Sung Sot cave, the largest cave in Halong Bay. With stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes, this cave has captured the imaginations and photos of many visitors. The cave tour takes approximately one hour and is led by a knowledgeable guide who will provide interesting facts and stories about the cave’s formation and history.

It is easily seen that the visitors can have opportunities to explore caves, have kayaking, cooking lessons, enjoy the premium meals and cabin, etc. during the Cruise.

Halong Bay Cruise Price: Budget options for tourists

Many tourists want to enjoy their time in Halong Bay without worrying about finances. Below, Paradise Vietnam will suggest some Halong Bay Cruise prices for you. Guaranteed to bring the most wonderful experiences to visitors:

Budget cruise prices

Reasonably priced cruises are a type of cruise ship that is considered to perform very well in providing visitors to Halong Bay with the most comfortable experiences. This Halong Bay Cruise price is a budget-friendly cruise for a trip around Halong.

Halong Bay Cruise’s price is usually small wooden yachts that meet 3-star standards. Besides, the cabins all have private bathrooms full of amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, drinking water, etc. The cruise will always ensure your basic needs so you can have a comfortable vacation.

Mid-range cruise prices

Mid-range tourism accounts for the largest proportion of the Halong Bay tourism industry. You will enjoy wooden or steel Halong Bay Cruise fares. In addition, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation on a 4-star yacht fully equipped with modern equipment.

Mid-range cruise prices

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise price

Luxury and different cruises are when you choose Halong Bay Cruise price luxury type. These are super luxury yachts rated 5 stars, even 6 stars with many high-end amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, spa, mini golf course, wine cellar, etc.

In particular, the design of the guest room is always spacious, luxurious and has a private balcony. In addition, a hot tub, and mini bar with wine and flowers will often be available in the room to serve your needs.

Things you should pay attention to when choosing the Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

Halong Bay Cruise price offers many choices to meet your needs. There are a variety of standard yachts to 5-star and 6-star luxury yachts. However, when choosing a luxury yacht, you should consider your financial ability.

Things you should pay attention to when choosing the Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

Besides, festivals and peak hours will also cause obstacles in choosing a reasonable Halong Bay Cruise price. At the same time, visitors should also take the time to carefully research available tours before deciding. Once you have prepared everything, you and your family will have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Check the route

One thing you should check before traveling to Halong Bay is the schedule. If you travel from abroad or farther from Hanoi, traveling by plane to Halong Bay must be given priority. However, for tourists who are not too far from Halong, we can get there by road.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose different types of travel means. One of those options could be the suitable Halong Bay Cruise price. But most importantly, you must prioritize comfort to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Cruise to Halong Bay

Cruises at Halong Bay will provide you with all the best amenities. If you have come here, you cannot miss one of the following Paradise Cruise. The Halong Bay Cruise Prices at Paradise Vietnam are also reasonable and worth paying.

  • PARADISE GRAND 2 days 1 night price & PARADISE ELEGANCE 2 days 1 night 
  • High Season 01/01/2023 – 30/04/2023 & 01/10/2023 – 31/12/2023

++ Grand Balcony: 7.820.000  VND/pax & 9.200.000 VND/double

++ Executive Grand Balcony: 8.340.000 VND/pax & 9.850.000 VND/double

++ Grand Balcony Suite: 10.115.000  VND/pax & 11.900.000 VND/double

++ Captain’s View Grand Suite: 10.880.000 VND/pax & 12.800.000 VND/double

  • Low Season 01/05/2023 – 30/09/2023 Single (VND) 

++ Grand Balcony: 7.150.000 VND/pax & 8.400.000 VND/double

++ Executive Grand Balcony: 7.650.000 VND/pax & 9.000.000 VND/double

++ Grand Balcony Suite: 9.450.000 VND/pax & 11.100.000 VND/double

++ Captain’s View Grand Suite: 10.200.000 VND/pax & 11.950.000 VND/double

  • PARADISE SAILS 2 days 1 night price 
  • High Season 01/01/2023 – 30/04/2023 & 01/10/2023 – 31/12/2023

++ Deluxe Window: 5.600.000  VND/pax & 6.550.000 VND/double

++ Deluxe Balcony: 6.300.000 VND/pax & 7.500.000 VND/double

++ Terrace Suite: 7.100.000  VND/pax & 8.350.000 VND/double

  • Low Season 01/05/2023 – 30/09/2023 Single (VND) 

++ Deluxe Window: 4.950.000  VND/pax & 5.750.000 VND/double

++ Deluxe Balcony: 5.650.000 VND/pax & 6.700.000 VND/double

++ Terrace Suite: 6.400.000  VND/pax & 7.550.000 VND/double

Cruise to Lan Ha Bay

Boats to visit Lan Ha Bay – Monkey Island will operate on a time frame of about 2.5 hours/shift. Therefore, you can choose some of the following cruises to see Lan Ha Bay:

  • Boat by shift
  • Half-day sightseeing boat
  • Full-day sightseeing boat

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Recommendations Best Cruise in Halong Bay – Paradise Cruise

There are many different ways to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay but none quite like going on an overnight cruise on a cruise ship. A great suggestion for you is a Paradise Cruise.

Paradise Cruise not only takes you deeper into the most remote areas of the Bay but also organizes many activities to help you understand more about the local culture. This cruise ship offers day trips, 2-day trips, 3-day trips, and even longer trips.

Therefore, please choose the best Halong Bay Cruise price and enjoy memorable moments in your life.

Interesting activities of Paradise Vietnam Cruise in Halong Bay

Trips with Paradise Vietnam Cruise will give you the happiest memories:

Exploring Caves

Exploring caves is an indispensable interesting activity when traveling to Halong. Here, visitors will witness firsthand the majesty of rocky mountains such as Trinh Nu Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Me Cung Cave, Luon Cave, etc. You just prepare an eager, healthy, and ready status for Paradise’s itinerary to explore a lot of beautiful caves in Halong Bay.

Kayaking and Bamboo Boat Ride

Exploring Halong Bay, visitors will be able to travel to this beautiful water area on a traditional wooden boat. At the same time, you will pass through floating villages and choose to go on a bamboo boat or kayak adventure. These will be extremely interesting activities for visitors.

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing season in Halong Bay usually takes place in fall and winter. That means traveling to Halong Bay from August to January can be great. During this time, it rarely rains, causing the water level to drop sharply, making it easier for you to access the squid’s habitat. 

Therefore, at one time you can catch a lot of big fish (sometimes up to 10 fish).

Visiting Floating Villages

Almost completely surrounded by water and limestone blocks, Halong Bay is home to many fishing villages. Some extremely lovely fishing villages that tourists visiting Halong Bay can visit: are Ba Hang, Viet Hai, Vung Vieng, etc.

How to book Paradise Vietnam Cruise?

You are planning to travel to the beautiful land of Halong with Halong Bay Cruise price. Everything will be perfect because the way to book a Cruise or even a Paradise Vietnam Cruise is extremely simple. You just need to visit the website at Paradise Vietnam, then go to the Book your cruise section:

  • You choose the destination as Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay.
  • You can choose the day, month, and year of travel.
  • You choose the time your family wants to rest on the cruise (can be 1 day, 2 days, etc.)
  • Finally, for the type of cruise, you will choose the Cruise class you want.

Simply with the above steps, you will have a satisfactory journey to Halong Bay.

Hope this article has brought interesting information to you. If you are planning to travel in the future, choose Halong Bay as your destination. Paradise Vietnam is always ready to provide you with the best information about Halong Bay Cruise prices. Let’s enjoy your cruise with the best trip ever in Halong Bay.