Buy Best Contact Lenses at Lowest Price in Contact Lenses Plus

Contacts are an essential part of our vision. A lot of people are always on the lookout for the most affordable, highest-quality lenses at checkout. There is no need to go to the original store near you. If you are crazy about contacts but scared to order online, try it now by getting your best contact lenses online at!Here are the lenses to get on.

Why Should You Order Here?

It is hard to find good clear lenses these days at an affordable price. That’s why Contact Lenses Plus is here! They launched their brand of lenses with the lowest price for you! Their crystal lenses are the same quality as the ones on the market but are 75% cheaper.

Best Deals For Lenses

Who needs contact lenses? Whether you’re going to a big sports game or a rave, a costume party or a concert, a day at the spa or a festival, a costume or a party elsewhere, you’ll want to keep your eyes clear with a contact lens from Contact Lenses Plus. Here’s a great deal for you!

Crystal Aqua Daily – $9.00

Crystal Aqua Daily is an excellent contact for dry eyes, and our in-house studies have consistently shown that they are the first contacts comfortable in the eye.

The Hyaluronic moisturising ingredient incorporated in the heart of this daily contact serves as a strong wetting agent, providing you with exceptional comfort from the minute you put it in until the time you take it out.

Note: This is a disposable contact lens.

Why Do We Like It?

  • Hyperhydration and superior efficiency are made possible by hyaluronic acid coupled to a polymer matrix.
  • All hydrogel materials are generally a function of water holding capacity.
  • Can treat dry eye conditions with high comfort and effectiveness.

Crystal Monthly – $9.45

Crystal Monthly has a multi-back curve design for outstanding durability and handling, a thin edge for all-day comfort, a convenient package, UVA and UVB protection, CE and ISO approval for ultimate safety. It is a simple straight replacement for existing monthly lenses on the market.

Crystal monthly contacts are meant to be worn for up to 30 days, at a rate of 12-16 contacts each day.

Note: Not suitable for dry eyes.

Why Do We Like It?

  • Everyday UVA/UVB protection for 12-16 hours
  • Contacts that are affordable enough to change every two weeks
  • Monthly lenses at an affordable price

Crystal Comfort – $10.00

To provide exceptional comfort and manageability, Crystal Comfort Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses have been engineered. With its ultra-modern surface coating, the contacts are comfortable to wear all day long.

Only a tiny quantity of silicone is used in the proprietary material composition to ensure that the eye can breathe as much oxygen as possible while worn during the day.

Note: Best for dry eyes.

Why Do We Like It?

  • Disposable silicone hydrogel contacts that are affordable per month
  • In addition to being more comfortable, silicone hydrogel contacts allow you to wear your contacts for more extended periods.
  • Ideal for dry eye problems


When buying contact lenses, of course, you consider all of your needs, from comfort to durability. Here in Contact Lense Plus, We consider all of them.