Career Options after Finishing a Hospitality Graduate Programme

Hospitality, travel and tourism is a vast industry that contains many sub-sectors. The field requires hard work, experience and understanding of the working of tourism operations to become successful. A hotel management career is exciting and full of opportunities for the aspirants. The demand of hospitality professionals across the world is increasing as the industry is also growing very fast. It is a marketable career option that focuses primarily on customer service and satisfaction. If you wish to make a successful career in this field, then pursuing hospitality management degree programme from a reputed institution is the best option for you. Students with a hospitality graduate degree are highly demanded and get various career opportunities across the globe.

Career choices for the hospitality graduates
There are many interesting career opportunities open to hospitality graduates such as hotel operations, event management, airlines, catering, entertainment, luxury, health and wellness, cruise, banking, consulting, private equity and more. The opportunities exist in multiple areas like:

• Management of lodging facilities: After pursuing a hospitality management course, one can start their career in the hospitality industry. This includes hotels, resorts and motels where travelers stay. This is the responsibility of a manager to take charge of the operations like sales, marketing, budgeting and relationships with the customers.

• Travel and tourism: Candidates with a hospitality degree can work for cruise line as travel agents or tour and travel managers. This further includes planning the travel of customers, managing sales and budgets as well as travel bookings.

• Restaurants and beverages management: This field involves quality management in all aspects. Apart from this, it involves taking care of budgets, marketing, food services, ordering food and supplies etc.

• Event planning: The best hospitality graduate programme will also let you make a successful career in event management field. It involves event planning and project management while dealing with the large scale events. The role of event manager involves studying the brand, identifying the audience and coordinating all the technical aspects before hosting a particular event.

• Human resources: Often employed in big hotels, resorts and casinos, the hospitality graduates are highly demanded professionals in HR department. They are responsible for hiring, employee management, paychecks, benefit programs and resolving conflicts in an organization.

• Banking and finance: many hospitality management graduates go on to become heads and senior level employees of major global banks due to their exceptional customer service orientation, soft skills, communication and managerial capabilities.

• Spa and wellness management: It is the responsibility of a manager to take care of all the day-to-day operations of health and beauty spa. Based on the size of operation, the duty of a hospitality manager could be quite extensive. It may involve handling all the marketing and training sessions.

Choosing to pursue a hospitality management degree can open up doors to various opportunities across career fields and countries due to the flexible skill set and relevant, in demand knowledge base the education imparts.

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