Certificate Attestation for Qatar – A Quick Glance

Qatar has emerged as one of the most preferred countries among those seeking promising and better career opportunities. To make the most of your professional life, it is important to have the right direction. And, this is what you can be assured to get once you are in Qatar. If you are all set to move to Qatar then you should know about the certificate and document attestation formalities that come along.

Certificate attestation for Qatar Visa

Given that Qatar is not a member of Hague Convention, you have to get all your documents and certificates attested – be it commercial, personal or academic from the Ministry of External Affairs and Respective State Departments. All documents issued in India that have to be used in Qatar have to be legalized from the Qatar Consulate/ Qatar Embassy in India. There are different ways to process document attestation from Qatar Embassy. The attestation process depends on the purpose of attestation and the nature of the document.

Educational certificate attestation from Qatar embassy in INDIA

When it comes to educational documents attestation, Qatar embassy attests degree and consolidated mark sheets. It never attests mark sheet or degree separately. Both mark sheet and degree certificate have to be attested concurrently. For any type of educational documents to be attested from Qatar Embassy in India, there are some necessary supporting documents that have to be attached along with the original ones:

  • The course or training program has to be full time with affiliation to UGC/University
  • The degree certificate has to be submitted with the final year mark sheet.
  • Verification Letter – Qatar embassy requires a verification letter from the respective university that has to be submitted along with the document or certificate. Unless this verification letter is submitted, documents will not be attested.
  • The degree has to be from the institute recognized by the Indian Government

The function of the Notary in Qatar certificate attestation

You have to get certificates attested from the Notary for formal purpose. This is the first step of document attestation for Qatar. Once this is done, you have to submit documents for Home Department attestation.

The Home Department function and role in attestation

To start with, you have to get documents attested from Home Department to submit the documents to the Ministry of External Affairs. A certificate is authenticated by the Home Department once the verification of the content of the certificates is done. Authentication can be described as the true representation of the authenticity of that particular certificate.

The State Human Resource Department (HRD) is responsible for attesting all documents issued by the Government technical board, paramedical and medical institution, Government school, University and others. Once the attestation process is completed, the document can proceed to the Ministry of External Affairs followed by Embassy attestation. You can also get Mantralaya attestation done to get MEA attestation.

MEA Attestation for Qatar

MEA, Ministry of External Affairs, is responsible for attesting all the documents and certificates issued in any Indian state before submitting it to the Qatar Embassy. Home Department or education department attestation should be done for MEA attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for attesting all educational and non-educational certificates.

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Document attestation from MEA, HRD Attestation. The Qatar Government needs all personal/ educational certificates, academic or professional, issued from India to be attested by the Indian consulate/ embassy in Qatar for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Government before issuing the Qatar Visa.

Qatar Attestation

Once all your documents and certificates are attested from the Ministry pf External Affairs, you have to submit them to Qatar Embassy for attestation. The Embassy would attest all certificates and documents if they are already attested by MEA.

SDM Attestation for Qatar

The office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is located in Delhi. After getting documents attested from SDM, the documents have to be finally to the MEA.

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