Challenges of Finding a Girl: Could you be the Problem?

If you cannot seem to find the girl of your dreams, you are not alone. Rest assured that men greater than you, with more degrees and money, are suffering the same trials. It is nothing new to date year in, year out, and never settle. Some men keep dating into their late forties, only to be coined, eligible bachelors.

Compatibility over Compromises

Finding the right girl, or that compatible mate sometimes requires more effort. It might never have dawned on you that appearances are everything. Perhaps it is the places you frequent. Either way, changes might be necessary to have you hitched soonest or keep dating nobodies. Check out an online dating sites review, and find the girl you’ve been hoping for. Before diving into these websites, it is important to take heed of certain facts.

High Expectations

Before diving into behaviors and such, there are certain things to be avoided from the onset. As you join portals you found on an online dating site review, ensure expectations are not far-fetched. If you bring little to the table, why expect the lady to be exemplary? Expecting to meet a dime-piece of a girl while you meet lower standards is hypocritical. If you are not sure what expectations to have, stick to meeting pals linked to mutual friends. They might be a better fit.


Do you pretend to be someone else, or look down on others? You might be prospering in life, or a loser pretending to be a Casanova. Whatever the case, arrogance is repulsive, and it doesn’t attract. You cannot find a girl worth her reputation, her soul, or indeed her self-respect attracted to arrogance. If you keep hitting walls finding the right girl, practice humility. Simmer down and the ladies will appreciate your authenticity.


This can never be emphasized and should be the unwritten rule for all-things relationships. It seems the focus has been on ladies to maintain hygiene, while men remain scruffy. Women might prefer beards, but these need to be trimmed. If a lady prefers clean-shaved men, it means smooth all the way; not with hints of hair here and there. Smelling like a ewe or goat doesn’t work. It might make you seem hard-working, perhaps a handyman, but not on a date. Take showers often and keep deodorants close. You could be repelling potential wives unbeknownst to you.


Chances are you visit the wrong spots, and are frequenting taverns instead of portals. Visit portals listed on an online dating sites review, and increase your chances of attracting the right girl. Girls have expectations too, and your location might be inviting the wrong kind. Stick to places with like-minded people, like sports clubs if you love sports, or church if religious. Keep in mind it is not a perfect approach to finding the right girl. It is a better way of ensuring you meet the right people.


Who are your friends and who do you associate with? Spending too much time with couples who are separated, divorced, or perpetually single could lead to depression. These groups are the epitome of misery and love. Hanging out with miserable folks hardly amounts to anything positive. If need be, make friends on online dating sites, review, and meet potential girlfriends in the process.

Finding the right girl is not easy, but if she’s worth it, it shouldn’t be. It takes a little effort to find the right lady to spend time with, possibly for the long term. If it is taking longer to find that girl, using dating sites or mutual friends might be the way to go. Alternatively, change your expectations and your inbox might fill up once again.