Checklist of Car Accessories for Safety and Performance of Your Car

It always better to get your car checked for safety purpose so that whenever you are out with your family the rip should be full of fun and excitement. The following are the checklist of the car accessories for safety and performance of your car which you desire to forget while packing your bags or getting your kids ready:-

1. Engine Oil:-
Have a thorough check when you should get your car oil change is scheduled and if the changing date is approaching then get it changed before your trip so that you do not face any issues regarding your engine oil while driving for prolonged hours.

2. Battery:-
This is very vital part of car as no one likes to sit and wait on the highways if your car battery gets discharged fully, so check it and if your car battery is 3 years old then its better that you get it checked and also check that the negative and positive corrosion are tight. If you heard any sluggish sound then immediately get your car battery checked by a mechanic and change your car battery.

3. Engine coolant:-
If your car is new then your car will be equipped with the engine coolant which is designed to ride 1, 00,000-1, 50,000 miles. If your car is four years old or more then get the under- hood coolant reservior checked. Espcially the clear plastic bottle which named engine coolant on the cap should be topped up.

4. Brake system:-
The brake fluid is the hygroscopic mineral oil, which means that it attracts as well as absorbs the moisture. When it’s old then it starts to change the color of the maple syrup and consequently start rusting the brake components. You should check your brake reservoir for the color of its fluid and also check whether it’s marked full or not. If you have never had the fluid then it’s high time that you get one fluid before you are leaving. The water – laden brake fluid besides causing the damage to the costly brake parts will also lower the fluid’s boiling point. The lowered boiling point will be leading to the squishy brake pedal, which is liable of providing you the fun and enjoyment which is unexpected from you while driving through the mountains.

5. Belts:-
Firstly you should check the engine belts by turning it the sideways with your hands so that you can view the friction surface. If you witness that these are finally torn, cracked, ragged or you can see the fiber cords then you should change these belts immediately. The new cars have a large belt which is called the serpentine which is responsible to run the water pump and numerous car accessories properly. If your car has drove less than 50,000 miles then it’s ok but if you have an old car then you will be having numerous belts to run the devices. Keep a track that these are in the correct condition. If you are hearing any kind of sound then it’s better that you get your car belts checked.

Safety and comfort are the two things which should be given prime importance in our lives and both of these become very necessary when you are driving away from home. So its better that you get the above mentioned car accessories checked for safety and comfort of the car performance. KK Motors is best Car Accessories Manufacturer in India.