Choose a Domain Name for Your Online Course Platform

WIth Online teaching industry booming, a lot of educators are moving onto the E-learning platform. There are various ways of launching your online course. There is course marketplace where you can launch your courses just like thousands of other course creators. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help you in creating your brand. Hence, you don’t need a Domain name here.

On the other side, if you are launching your Online Institute through self-hosted platforms like Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website), you need a domain name.

Your institute would be found on the internet through that Domain name only. Choosing your Domain name will be one of your first big decisions. You can choose your own name, your business name, or a domain name that is relatable to your market.

Why is your Domain name so Important?

You can think of your domain name as your online calling card. When people search online for whatever it is you offer, they can come across your platform. Once your audience becomes familiar with your platform, they know exactly what to type to find you. If someone is visiting your site for the first time, they should be taking note of your domain name. This simply means your domain name should be memorable. So that the next time they think about what you offer, they can straightaway search for you using that domain name.

Different Types of Domain Names. 

Personal Domain

If you are a sole educator who wants to run an Online Institute, then it’s possible to just use your own name as your domain name. There are many teachers who offer courses all from their personal domain names. The huge advantage behind having a personal domain is that you can do launch courses on whatever subject you want. You can even switch up the markets and it won’t matter. You will never have to change your domain name as your name would become a brand. Not just that, it would also build up your credibility.

Company/Business Name

If you already have an offline coaching institute running, you should be using the same name to establish your online course business. For example, or If your full name is already taken, you can keep a name as the variation of your business name. It’s not necessary for your domain name to convey what your Online Course is all about.

Clever Domain

If you don’t want to choose the names as suggested above, then you can try coming up with a clever domain name. Clever names are usually very memorable names. Once your visitors figure it out, they always remember it. Example: Ola or Glassdoor. These are very memorable names. You can have a connection between your clever domain name and your product. However, it’s not always obvious. Sometimes, it’s just cool and different. Clever domain names are often sold as premium domain names.

Keyword Domain

Keyword domains include those keywords which people type into a search engine to find what they’re looking for. For example, is one such name. Keyword Domains are not at all clever. It’s direct and straight to the point. Clearly, Keyword domains are very helpful for SEO purposes & here you can check SEO packages. However, you shouldn’t do it for this sole purpose. Having keywords domain is not enough for you to get high rankings. You must have good content backed up with backlinks and many more such requirements.


Wrapping it up, choosing your domain name is a major step in your Online Teaching journey. Spend a little time researching what your competitors are up to. Review your options before you build an Online empire around your domain. Once you have finalized the name, don’t wait for more than 24 hours to register it. Registering a domain name can be done typically within minutes. You can book one using