How to choose the Perfect Website Designer for your Business?

As you have decided to create or renovate your website, the main concern is finding a talented and reliable website designer. You will find numerous portfolios, resumes, and candidates assuring you about creating the best website. But, the task of actually shortlisting a right designer can be strenuous.

You can reach many website designers in Delhi and other cities as well but, checking their potential and ability before trusting them is essential. We are going to provide you with some tips that will assist you in finding that perfect website designer for your business.

  1. Know about your Needs:

First of all, you should know exactly which type of website do you need? Whether you like the trendy colorful website or you like a sober and classy one. Do you like to go with a single page website or a website containing multiple pages? Sort out all these things before searching for a website designer.

It is a good idea to browse through some websites and shortlist those which you like. It will ultimately help you in finding the right person who can fulfill your requirements. You would find many designers having distinct skill sets from which you could select one that fits your requirements.

  1. Know your Budget:

Some businesses have spent lakhs on their websites while others might have spent thousands on it. You can get a properly working website at various rates but, the features and quality might differ. Knowing your budget will be beneficial in targeting the right resources. You can save your time through this as you will only consider and test the designers that fall within your budget.

Many business owners first look into portfolios and waste their time with designers who they can’t even afford by trying tricks of negotiation. Understand that your website is a long term investment and don’t compromise on its quality for the sake of saving some bucks. Plan a budget in which you could get at least a decent website and don’t settle for less than that.

  1. Ask for References:

While browsing the websites, you must have liked some of them. Maybe you loved the way of presentation of one website and the design of some other. Being a business owner, you should have some competitors or connections having brilliant websites. Take referrals from these people about the website designers.

It will be easy for you to corporate with a person whose work you already have seen and approved. You can also ask about their performance, professional attitude and other things from your connections before hiring them. It will make them more reliable and trustworthy. Apart from it, you can also attend regular meet-ups that feature designers so that you could know some of them. Take your time before deciding and avoid haste.

  1. Check out Designers’ Work/Portfolios:

Choose your website designer only after reviewing the work of the potential candidates. Don’t rely on screenshots and check the websites online and interact with them. You will understand the caliber of the designer through this. You can learn whether a particular designer can align with your requirements or not by checking the portfolios.

Remember that, the portfolios are not the list of what a particular designer can do. Maybe you want to add a unique feature on which he never worked in the past but, capable of accomplishing it. Discuss your plan with him and consider his response before the final selection.

  1. Review Technical Skills:

Your designer must have the essential technical skills that suit the present market for website designing. You can know about these skills through the internet. Some of them are HTML, CSS, UX, mobile platforms, JavaScript etc. The designer should have experience of using a few from these skills.

In addition to this, ensure that they have created responsive sites as well. Due to the increased use of mobile rather than a laptop for searching, the ideal designer must have worked on mobile optimization.

  1. Communicate with Potential Designers:

Communication is the key to know any person. Although you can get a clear idea about the skills and experience from the portfolios still, it’s good to have a meeting. Meet the candidates whose portfolios were able to impress you. Talk about the points you liked and discuss the drawbacks as well.

Present the outline of your website plan and elicit their inputs to judge properly. Sometimes, there are issues like coordination so also evaluate your equation with him/her on that basis. You will be able to take the final call only after a short meeting or interview.

  1. Discuss the Deadlines:

It’s best to discuss the major things before starting work. You must have a deadline in mind so; discuss it with the selected designer in advance. Maybe he would require more time than you are willing to provide or maybe he has other projects too due to which he can’t agree on the given deadline.

Discuss all of this beforehand and decide a mutual deadline to avoid any arguments later. If you both can’t reach on a mutual decision then, switch the designer before starting the work. After starting the work, you both will have to carry on with each other. Hence, tell your requirements and deadlines clearly in the beginning.

Platforms to find Good Website Designers:

  • Search on Google with clear keywords like “website designer in Delhi” if you are from Delhi.
  • Go to any website you like and get the information of web design agency from the bottom of the page.
  • Ask people/ businesses to get a good designer.
  • Take assistance of designer portfolio sites like Behance and Dribble.
  • Run your own design contest on sites such as 99designs and CrowdSPRING.
  • Try Fiverr and Upwork as you can find many talented freelance designers there.


Don’t take any risk when it comes to your website and do proper research before hiring a web designer. After all, your website says a lot about your brand.