Choosing the perfect nail lamp

Maybe you didn’t know, but gel and hybrid manicures appeared at the beginning of the 21st century and almost immediately won the hearts of nail stylists and clients all around the world. This kind of nail polish allows for any extension and formation of the nail plate, and at the same time provides the effect of high gloss and long-lasting shine, very resistant to scratches. However, to achieve such a beautiful result, you need to use the right preparations and tools, top-rated items, and accessories, one awesome online recommendation is Bazaar Gadgets.

First of all, you need styling products that contain photoinitiators – chemical compounds that decompose under the influence of UV / LED light. It is their presence that allows the product to harden on the nail plate and guarantee its durability.

It is very important to know that gel or varnish alone is not enough. The polymerization process, (that means the transition of light-cured materials from a liquid to a solid form) requires an appropriate dose of radiation. These radiations are provided by a lamp, under which you put your hands after applying each subsequent layer of the product.

You don’t know what types of nail lamps are available on the market? And what type of device is the best to choose and how to adjust it to your needs?

UV lamps

UV lamps are the most popular type of nail lamps. They are advantageous because of their relatively low price and the long life of the bulbs. Even if you can find on the market 9-watt foldable “bridges”, it is worth choosing a lamp with a power of a minimum 36W and the shape of the tunnel.

You need to know that  four lightbulbs and an internal mirror surface that reflects the light, will ensure optimal hardening of the gel or varnish in about 120 seconds, while in less powerful lamps this time can be much longer. I recommend you this type of lamp if you are a beginner and you want an affordable price and you don’t care so much about the time you spend styling your nails.

LED lamps

LED lamps ussually have a longer life and provide a greater comfort of use than their predecessors (they do not emit heat), but they come with a  price correspondingly higher. For this reason, professionals usually use them. The main advantage of those lapms is a significant shortening of the polymerization process, thanks to which most varnishes need about 30 seconds in the device. Another top-rated online supplier is

UV / LED lamps

This type of lamp, as it says its name, combines the two types of radiation. This is possible thanks to the built-in LEDs with a wavelength of 365 nm + 405 nm. Due to such parameters, the device is able to cure both UV and LED gels, as well as hybrid varnishes, which makes it extremely universal. You can find them in various versions – from small folding “bridges”, to classic tunnels, such as this 48-watt lamp, equipped with LED diodes and bulbs emitting red light, which also have a rejuvenating effect and lighten different types of spots or discoloration that may appear on your skin.

LED + CCFL lamps

This  type of lamps, belongs to the latest generation of nail lamps. It combines the radiation of LED diodes and CCFL fluorescent lamps (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). CCFL coils are energy-saving and long-lasting – they can work without any problems up to 5 years. No wonder that the Diamond lamp based on this technology is so popular among stylists and manicure enthusiasts.

I hope that now is more clear for you what kind of lamp is right for you and your styling needs.