Common Reasons Why Your Disability Claim Can Be Denied

Social Security Disability is the lifeline of people with disabilities residing in the United States. More people apply for this benefit every year. The application process is somehow complex, and many people end up giving incorrect or incomplete applications. It may lead to denial of the disability claim. There are numerous reasons why a disability claim can be rejected, and no two cases are identical. Therefore, you should speak to a disability claims attorney if your claim is denied.

Common reasons why your disability claim can be denied

  1. Insufficient medical evidence

One of the essential parts of disability claims is medical evidence. It proves that your disability has made it impossible to perform the job on a full-time basis. If your Disability Distribution Services does not receive sufficient and correct medical evidence, your claim will be denied–even if you think you cannot work. It is challenging to get the records and evidence by yourself. Therefore, hiring an attorney will make your task easier. Your attorney will take to the physician or other healthcare workers to ensure the correct information is gathered and given to the officials for review.

  1. You earn more

Income is another factor that determines whether a person is eligible for disability claims. If you earn $1,300 or less, you qualify for SSDI. If you earn more than that, your lawsuit will be denied. Remember that applicants will not be disqualified if they have substantial assets, like high-value bank accounts, investments, or second homes. If you have been denied a disability claim, your lawyer will help you claim for it.

  1. Ability to work

The SSI will lookout if you can perform a job function, even if it is not a career-related field you were in at that time. If officials find out that you can sustain full-time employment, your disability claim will be denied. The agency will look at whether you have developed skills that can be transferred to another area of work that will lead to gaining employment. 

  1. Did not follow prescribed treatment

Your claim may likely get denied if you do not follow the treatment prescribed by your doctor. One main reason is that your disability is not severe enough or you do not need medical treatment to manage it. Another reason is that if you do not have proper medical records or treatments, SSA will be in no position to judge your disability claim.

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