Common Signs of Menopause

Women pass through different stages as they age. After passing the childbearing stage, they enter menopause, where they cannot get pregnant. Even though this is a natural occurrence that they will pass, most women do not look forward and prepare for it. This situation makes them shocked when reality hits them. Some women will pass through this process easier, while others will suffer. San Antonio menopause treatment is the best solution if you suffer from the condition. The following are the common signs associated with menopause.

Irregular Periods

Menopause increases the risk of suffering irregular periods. This risk is triggered by the fluctuation of hormones that cause them to ovulate a few times. In these instances, these women will have lighter or heavier periods that are irregular when perimenopause occurs. If you are suffering from this condition, you should contact the doctor to advise you on measures that you should apply to control your periods.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common signs of women transitioning to menopause. The women will suffer a sudden feverish warmth feeling resulting from the circulation variations. These feelings would last seconds and minutes, making women perspire and feel excessively warm. Consider using the cream for hot flashes from Parlor Games to get relief.

Difficulty Sleeping

When undergoing menopause, other women suffer from challenges in their sleep. The main reason is hormonal imbalances that interfere with sleep quality. For instance, they would have mood swings making them concentrate on a situation more than on sleeping. Furthermore, sleep may also be interrupted by night sweats when you are sleeping. This makes most women wake up and startle when they are not prepared. The specialist usually advises you to sleep in lightweight pajamas to increase the chances of having a better sleep.

Vaginal Dryness

As the women get close to the end of perimenopause, they are at higher risk of suffering a lack of estrogen hormones. This deficiency causes their vaginal tissues to be thinner and drier. This dryness makes the women suffer irritation and itchiness around their vaginal area. Some women opt to use lubrication gel, while others opt to use vaginal estrogen and moisturizers to relieve this pain. Since these treatments can negatively impact you, you should consider visiting a specialist to advise you on the best option.

Weight Gain

At the menopause stage, most women suffer from weight gain. In most instances, the weight gain will occur in their stomach and midsection regions rather than the normal drastic increase in their whole body. The main reason is as they get older, they lose muscle. Besides, the fat shifting to their midsection is caused by reduced estrogen levels.

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