Considering A Sleep Study? – Understand The Benefits Of Home Sleep Testing

You have likely heard of sleep laboratories, where individuals stay the night to undergo a sleep study. However, it might be inconvenient to pack and spend the night somewhere other than your bed. Luckily for you, home sleep testing is another alternative you could explore. While not as popular as the conventional in-office sleep study, home sleep testing is quickly gaining traction. In this post, sleep specialist Dr. Chad Denman discusses what you should know about home sleep testing Austin, including the advantages it could provide. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is Home Sleep Testing?

A home sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram, is primarily utilized to identify obstructive sleep apnea. Home sleep testing is a lot more practical choice for patients than traveling to a sleep laboratory or clinic for a sleep evaluation. Thus, patients may have the test done in the convenience of their homes, and physicians can still get the information they need to confirm or dismiss obstructive sleep apnea and assess its seriousness.

What Does Home Sleep Testing Entail?

With home sleep testing, Dr. Chad Denman will offer you a piece of tiny equipment to take home and basic guidelines to observe before going to bed. You should wear this tiny device around your head while sleeping. The gadget gathers crucial information concerning your vital indicators, including your respiratory activity, breathing patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels.

Once you are done with the test, send the gadget back to Dr. Denman so he can analyze your test findings and provide a diagnosis, often in three days or less. Besides, your sleep specialist can use this data to develop a care plan customized to your particular sleep concerns.

Why Consider Home Sleep Testing?

Here are several benefits of a home sleep study:

·         It is conducted at the ease and comfort of your bed

·         You will likely sleep longer in your bed and house; thus, the test will probably generate more information and offer a more accurate description of your breathing

·         The test gives precise results and has a rapid turnaround time, allowing your physician to diagnose or exclude sleep apnea

·         It is a more budget-friendly alternative, considering it avoids the need for a sleep lab or hospital stay

Nevertheless, while home sleep testing is the best option in many cases, an in-lab study could be preferred for other people. For instance, if another sleep problem besides obstructive sleep apnea is suspected, or if you experience other medical conditions that necessitate a more extensive diagnostic examination, Dr. Denman might recommend an in-house sleep study.

Is Home Sleep Testing Appropriate For You?

A home sleep study is often suggested for people with:

·         Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, including increased daytime drowsiness, persistent fatigue, or chronic snoring:

·         Fibromyalgia

·         Hypertension

·         Insomnia

·         Depression

·         Diabetes

Do you suspect you have a sleep issue such as sleep apnea? If so, contact the Sleep Cycle Center to determine whether you could benefit from home sleep testing. Dr. Chad Denman will provide accurate information on conducting your at-home sleep study to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. To obtain the deep and rejuvenating sleep you desire, take action today by calling the Lakeway or Austin, TX office or request an appointment online today.